Sunday 7 April 2019

My 'Forget Me Not' Progress Blocks

'Forget Me Not' was released back in 2012 as a Mystery Quilt and is one of my earlier patterns. Because I'm always two steps ahead of myself, I was already onto the next quilt before I finished this one and it somehow became a WIP. It's always on my Must Finish List because it's so beautiful, but somehow.. well.. you know how it happens.. I simply haven't finished mine yet. I really do crave to see some Forget Me Nots out there and I do feel a bit guilty that I have let this design down by not finishing it. After seeing Bunny's two beauties yesterday, I'm going to share my own progress with you.
Here are some of my Forget Me Not blocks: as I mentioned in yesterdays post, each month there were 2 x floral blocks to pick from with the idea that no single quilt would be the same as everyone would have a different assortment of blocks picked out:
Sun and Cornflower Block
Tulip Block
Magnolia Block
Poppy Block
Jacob's Ladder Block
Hibiscus Block
Forget Me Not Block

These are just a small sample of the flower blocks : there are 24 in total and I will show them all off once I have completed my quilt top.


  1. Your blocks are lovely! Sometimes, a gentle nudge is all we need to get back at the same project. Looking forward to seeing your version.

  2. These are so lovely - I have to get back to mine too!

  3. I love the details you added with the Prismacolor pencils, Esther! Do you need to do anything special to set the colored pencil when you use it on fabric?

  4. I remember these from back then. They are so lovely. To busy with other unfinished and started projects to take on another but maybe in the near future. : )


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