Monday 1 January 2018

Welcome 2018: Let's Start These BOMs!

It's a wonderful day for starting out on a marvelous adventure. Let the creativity begin! I had this crazy idea to spend all year celebrating 10 years of blogging with one huge BOM party and today it's become a reality. Yep, my head is all in a spin. I can't wait to stuck in.. and the best bit? This is just the beginning! The year ahead is going to be packed full of fun and surprises with extra exclusive projects for everyone taking part in my BOM 2018. Phew!

Today, Love Always, Morning Glory and Daisy Blue have been been released and Part 1 is available for each of these BOMs. Go and collect your file download over in the Members Only Login Area.

I'll be sharing more posts during the week, so stay tuned. I know it's hard, but please take a moment to read through the Quilt Introductions before beginning. I'll be showing off my fabrics tomorrow, so check back then.
I got so many emails asking me if it would be possible to make a 'mini' version of Love Always that I caved in and created one just for those of you who want to make this beauty - but don't want it so large. So now you're spoiled for choice. A large one or a small one? It's up to you! 


  1. Be still my heart! A glorious start, Esther.

  2. Beautiful, and although I am not joining in, I look forward to seeing all the beauty those that do will be sharing.


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