Friday 19 January 2018

Moth Attack!

Urgh! I'm under a moth attack!
I haven't seen any evidence of them, but they must be somewhere sleeping off this great feast
They have very good taste, only bothering to nibble away at my favorite mohair items and completely bypassing those old woolens I probably wouldn't miss.
I'm particularly fond of this zip up item which I wear on my walks in winter as it's so light and warm. And, it was a good addition to my resolution to avoid wearing black. But now it's completely ruined and I can't buy another one in this shade, it can only be repurchased.. in black. I'm so annoyed!
This item below is my favourite ruby red, warm, cosy cardigan for winter.
It only has a little nibble, but they made sure to do it on the front side 
where any darning would just look shabby. 

There's another two of these size bites higher up on the same side. I really don't think it's salvageable. 
but back to my favourite zip up
I really don't want to part with it, even though it looks like I've wrestled it from the jaws of a Mastiff. 
So I was thinking, I could 'patch' it with cute fabrics? But my DH has put his foot down at me walking around with random love-heart appliques stuck around my zip up top. I don't know, I think it could be OK? I'm not even going to  mention it to my DDs as they'll surely just sneak in and dispose of it for me when I'm not watching.

Why doesn't anyone in my family have any sartorial vision?
This week has been all about soaking the cedar balls in cedal oil and auditing every single garment in the house. Tomorrow, I'm going through my entire linen cabinet - which is somewhat significant and will take all 3 woman of this family to conquer. I haven't been one of those people who vacuum seals garments between seasons, but now I will be. There's a mountain of those bags to suck down into airless cubes and store away until needed and it looks like I'm going to be busy doing it all weekend.

Happily they haven't touched any quilts or fabrics.

See you on the other side of my moth crisis.


  1. Yes those little suckers seem to know our favourites. They only like the best. Sending you a ☕️🍰🍷πŸ₯œto help you along with the vaccuum bags. πŸ’—πŸ’—

  2. Dear Esther
    The one thing the moths hate is Lavender, we put it in little organza drawstring bags filled with lavender. It is in all the cupboards and we hang one on each hanger with a wooly jumper. It is placed in all the linen closet with all the linen. Works really well and the moths absolutely hate the lavender. One of the reasons I grow this herb. The best part of using it, the closets always smell nice. This is a tip which has been passed down n our family for many generations.
    A friend has machine embroidery flowers embroidered on her spots where her beautiful jumpers came under attack. When one see her wearing them, one would never know about the damage. She had a similar issue next to a zipper. Her solution was to add a delicate flower and leave seen on both sides of the zipper. It looked like it was always like that.
    Hope you can rescue all your favourite jumpers!
    Best wishes.

  3. sorry to hear of your moth attack - makes me think maybe I need to store sweaters and things at the end of the season if for no other reason then dust which seems to get in the closet to where they reside on a shelf

  4. Oh so sorry - but maybe this time to repair - use a 3 little squares in a tier look. But them down the front zipper and then you can put some randomly around the whole top. Just a thought to break you away from hearts and maybe give your husband a new view.

  5. OH, dear. This is not good. I wonder how they "find" the favorites. This happened to me many years ago as they nibbled on my favorite cashmere sweater. I finally found them nesting in a dried floral arrangement. It was the strangest thing. Once the nest was thrown out of the house, we haven't had a problem since.

  6. Argh is right! Moths are so annoying. I think a little appliqued flower would be perfect on your sweater. I would have suggested a butterfly, but that might lure the moths even closer next time!

  7. Oops meant to write bliters but this new fangled predictive text keeps changing things!

  8. How maddening! Hope you get rid of those pesky creatures soon.

  9. On your red cardigan you could do a vine chain from the hem to the neck with embroidered flower centers over the holes. You might even use a button as the center of the flowers.

  10. Esther, I found here in the South (South Carolina) that crickets will do as much damage as a you may need to check them out too.


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