Monday 1 January 2018

BOM 2018: Morning Glory Is Launched

'Morning Glory'
Elegantly modern, this design is rooted in tradition. 
It's a perfect balance of applique and piecing. 
Finished Size 72 x 72 inches 

The central applique is full of symbolic beauty—an evergreen vine, fruiting berries, blooming flower heads and birdsong. This wonderful applique sets the tone for the blocks to come. The first zigzag border frames the evergreen vine with an up and down motion of light and shade before meeting the four corner curve blocks which represent doorways, passages and seasons.

Surrounded by classic star, log cabin and rail blocks, these blocks take on extra significance within the design: a morning star, a good foundation and lines to represent moving wind.

The corner Dresdens represent rays of sunshine and the semi circle blocks of the border represent the circle of life, continuing in pattern. The namesake, Morning Glory block is placed at four on point positions around the quilt, trumpeting towards the central applique.

Whether your own Morning Glory captures the beauty of a dawn about to break (with a dark background like mine) or whether you opt for a light background or a bright background, this quilt is sure to shine. Enjoy each month and take pleasure in the installments, this is one very special quilt which will be perfect as a either a bed quilt or wall hanging.

The quilt is released as a Block of the Month pattern, 11 installments over 10 months, Jan—October 2018. Parts 10 & 11 will be released together for your convenience at the end of year.
Remember, this mixed applique and pieced quilt is suitable for raw edge, turn edge and fusible techniques.
I cant wait to see how you envision your own Morning Glory and hope you’ll share pics of your progress and work over in my BOM Group. See you there!

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