Wednesday 15 October 2014

WOW: Love Entwined Part 17 is Launched

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays 

Well, I think reaching the last installment of Love Entwined 1790 Marriage Coverlet is a pretty big WOW! Don't you agree?!

We're finally here.

I knew this day was coming the moment I released the pattern, and yet, I never really thought it would come. It's such an epic quilt. It has touched me in so many ways. It has occupied my thoughts for so many hours. It has taken up a place in my heart as a story, as a moment, as a reminder of quilting, and quilts and quilt makers who have been before us. 

And I feel like I need a lie down, or a glass of champagne, or something to really mark this point. Because here it is; the last installment of Love Entwined. And whilst I have many hours ahead of me yet, to applique and create this masterpiece, the journey of releasing it out into the world - in order for it to be revived and remembered, has come full circle and closed. I've done what I needed to do.  

As for the pattern this month: there's only the last borders to add and any final assembly of the quilt top. And whilst this is the last installment, don't worry - there's months of LE blog posts yet as I share my journey right until the end with you all here.

What else can I say? I'm feeling so many things. Thank you for embarking on this special journey with me. I know LE is the kind of quilt that takes time and many of you are progressing at your own pace. And it's been a privilege for me to see your work and enjoy it as much as I do my own. I'm delighted to be sharing the journey with so many quilters who decided to come on board and join me by sharing what they do and how they do it over in my BOM Group.

I was planning to release several BOMs this year, but I had to put those plans aside when LE was launched - it was so much so fast, I couldn't handle having more than 1 BOM out there! I had no idea LE would capture so many hearts when I released it and I have a heartfelt thank you to the Yahoo Group Moderators who currently volunteer and have volunteered their time and expertise to moderate our quilting group for free and for the good of everyone who wants to be there. 

The fact is, I'm at a stage in my life where I don't have much time to be online and if the moderators didn't moderate, there would be no Yahoo BOM Group and I would keep making my quilts, but I wouldn't have a platform in which to share them with you. Thank you Anne Marieke, Glenda, Bunny, Pat and Jane, you allow me to share what I love with so many. How generous of you.

Are you making LE? or using any LE elements in a table runner, cushion or project? I encourage you to share your own quilting journey with all of us via your blog, in your sewing groups and in exhibition both now and in the years to come: for this is a quilt which wanted to be remembered - after all, that's where our journey started. 

I think we can all say, we've done our best to contribute to reviving it's legacy. The pattern might be finished, but the Love Entwined journey is far from over: I'll be sharing how I finish and quilt this coverlet and remember- if you have any Love Entwined progress or achievement of your own to share, let us know via my Yahoo BOM Group and via the Love Entwined Page at the top of this blog.

If you've made this quilt, or a part of this quilt, or a project based on this quilt, please take a moment to leave you name in the comments section of the Love Entwined Page at the top of this blog, with your  name and country. It would be nice to keep track of where these coverlets are.

And stay in touch, I'd love to see pics of all these completed quilts! In fact, I'm currently thinking of a Love Entwined coffee table book for our members to contribute to and enjoy so that everyone who wants to can have their own legacy of this project. Personally, I'd love to be able to flick through the many different looks, colours and styles of LE in one beautiful book and I think this is a quilt which really calls for it. I'll blog more about that in the weeks to come, so stay tuned.

Of course, a journey like this doesn't just end: I will keep posting about my own LE journey as well as my working methods as I also come to complete my two quilts, so stay tuned. 

What's Your WOW ?


  1. Thank you SOOOOO much! We are many quilters following you in this journey and we enjoy every minute working on it, every stitch we do, every choice we made.

  2. WOW ! Esther what can I say, you have done an amazing job with the LE BOM. Such a beautiful quilt !
    Thank you and the girls who helped with the Yahoo group so much for sharing.

  3. Dear Ester

    Thank you for this amazing quilt. For each and everyone who is involved in the amazing success of LE. The coffee table book is a fantastic idea. I recently started my LE journey. The fabic selection is not what I started out thinking I wanted to use. This quilt decide for you. It fills the house where it reside with love and peace. I will be making more than one, as I have two sons, one who is getting married in two years time. I cannot think of a more fitting gift, than LE. The mammoth task of taking a grainy photo, knowing the orginal is out there, it exist (maybe, just maybe, the current owner know how incredible this quilt is, they wanted to keep it for themselves?). You took that and created a masterpiece which we can all have the privilege to create, treasure, make and love. I will continue to read your blog, the inspiration I receive from all that make this quilt is priceless! I live in Canada.

  4. Thank you Esther, for this beautiful gift.

    As for moderaing your group you are very welcome.

    Hugs and enjoy the journey on your LE's.
    Anne Marieke

  5. Congratulations. It has been a huge project on your part.So many are so close to completing their journey. I cannot wait to see them all, but most of all, I want to see yours.

  6. Dear Esther it is hard to believe that it is the end of your beautiful LE as far as downloading and printing off patterns of it. Each month I have looked forward to the 15th with excitement and I have never been disappointed. Thank you so much for such a beautiful gift. What is so lovely about this magical quilt is that new quilters from all around the globe are still joining our group and so it will be a long time before Love Entwine sharing stops this is wonderful for so many of us who are loving the journey but are taking our time on it. I love every stitch that I take on this incredible quilt and will never want the journey to end. Hugs Glenda

  7. Thank you Esther. Love Entwined has been a wonderful journey for me and although the patterns have finished there is the wonder of seeing how this beautiful coverlet evolves with each version.
    So many are now very close to finishing and yet so many more are just starting their LE journey.
    Although I am still not working in mine at the moment I love following both your progress and those in our group. Thanks to your generosity one day I will have a fabulous heirloom for my niece.
    Hugs, Jenny

  8. You should *definitely* raise a glass of champagne to yourself and Love Entwined! This is a monumental moment and you've been so gracious to share it all with your readers. Thank you and congratulations!! :)

  9. Wow - what an accomplishment, and it's certainly got to feel like when you finish reading a long, profound series, as if you're stepping away from a dear friend after being on a journey together. Although, as you said, you still have work to do, so not stepping away just yet. :)

  10. A beautiful job well done so far. Getting to the end of the tunnel. Can't wait to see them finished. Thankyou for your generosity in making this pattern available. Thankyou very much.


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