Monday 20 October 2014

LE: Vases 3 & 4, the yellow flowers

These last two vases just flew into being finished. 
I really loved working with the sunshiny yellow too.
I'm so glad I found this fabric for fussy cutting the flowers

and this cute print for a little bit of broderie perse
Here I am, auditioning the fabric for the best spots to pick. You can see that this print from my stash is actually a flower print, so the colour graduations are just lovely. 
 working from the pattern as a guide
 fussy cutting the tones I wanted to use
 creating blooms full of tone variation and 'life'
this one is so sweet
and overall, I love the look and it all balances with my compass and fabrics.

I've completed my four vases and I'm so pleased with how they look. My center is done now. It feels remarkable to have reached this point. It's been exhausting at times and when I hold this center square of fabric, I can't believe how much time, work and labour has gone into creating it. I have a bit of hand stitchery to do for embellishing and about a 2 weeks worth of hand sewing to stitch all the applique down into position. What you see here is mostly held into position with Elmer's Glue in disappearing purple. This is a starch based glue which simply washes away. I use it all the time - actually its the only glue I use for applique when quilting. That's the calm before my storm. Which storm? My creativity storm for the borders! I can't wait!


  1. Love the way you have fussy cut the flowers. Looks great.

  2. Love how you made all those gorgeous flowers . Your work I just amazing. Beautiful.

  3. These blooms look AMAZING, Esther! Thanks for sharing your making process with us!

  4. Amazing, Esther. Thank you for helping me make a decision about my last two vases. THe idea of the same colors for each has been floating around my head and now I see from your wonderful example it will work. THank you.

  5. 26/10/14 saludos no mucho inglés, pero me encanto su proyecto de las flores, no se me había ocurrido y tengo varias telas que puedo usar, gracias por compartir este proyecto. saludos desde Panamá.


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