Saturday 25 October 2014

LE: The Double Bow Border

The double bow border is actually the first thing I noticed about the original quilt in 'patchwork' so this border is very important to me. I've created a 'double bows' box, just like I did with the 'zig zags' and this is a box that has everything I need for just this section of the quilt. I know I've said it over and over, but this quilt is a practice in preparation, so here I am preparing. My favourite part of the quilt is when I reach those stages when I can just grab my 'section box' and pull out the prepared pieces, position and play around with them. But to reach that happy moment, there's work to do first. A lot of work. You can't make it as you go, or you'll fall into chaos. Step by step and prep by prep. It's the only way to keep your order when working on a once in a lifetime quilt like this.
bows and swags in alternating hues of light and dark
I mark my patterns with arrows to show me which way is 'up' when I position just in case I want to fussy cut. I have a few dewbies or 'triangles' from Part 8 floating around too (above) as I will incorporate the swag and bow fabrics elsewhere in the quilt in tiny areas throughout to keep the whole scrappy looking harmonised.
Here's my lights and darks double bow box with my selected fabrics at the ready for prepping 
I love all the fabrics
And I've even started fussy cutting. I learnt early on that you have to do the parts which appeal to you whilst they appeal to you. I can't schedule my available time ' to fussy cut for the bow border'. I wish I could be so disciplined, but I find that if I'm not in the mood, I won't do it or if I try it will look all wrong and that ends up being a waste of my precious sewing time. So I work on whatever takes my fancy that day. This is why I'm working at numerous sections 'at once' and why I'm working back and forth between all the parts that make the pattern. I have my own methods and this is what works for me. I think that if I did it any differently, I might never finish. 

Fiddling, sorting, working, enjoying...
How do you organize your preparation time?


  1. I love watching other people prep, more than I like prepping myself. It is interesting to see how big those bows are. In my head they are a quarter that size...

  2. Choosing the fabrics would for me take the longest time. Then for the bows (when I finally get there), I shall draw a plastic template, lay that on the fabric and draw around it. After that I cut out the shape plus seam allowance, baste it roughly on the background, and then I can start needleturning along the drawn line. We all work differently depending on the applique method we use.
    But like you, I love every part of the preparation.

  3. Oh my goodness me Esther YOU are disciplined!!!!! I have been working on different parts of LE like you and have all my LE in a set of draws but not in separate boxes for each segment, you have got me rethinking now, tomorrow I will try and do that; no promise though LOL> Thanks so much for showing us in such detail, love love those fabrics you are working with. Cheers Glenda PS you do know it is the week-end???? Just joking, shows you what a hold LE has on one you are even working on your computer about LE on the week-end!!!!


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