Saturday 4 October 2014

LE: Finishing Vase 1

I've decided that the darker flower reds do work when all bunched together in the top first vase. So my reds and pinks are finally selected. Which leaves just the process of fussy cutting for my lily:

I love these tropical pink hues and this lily would have worked if I had stuck to the lighter pinks for my vase, but I thought the pinks were either too bright or there was just too much 'pinkness' when they were all put down together ...and I didn't want colour blind spots (or distracting areas of colour) in the center. My LE is more towards scrappy and antique-y looking and I have to theme with that. Sometimes, I have two or three quilts happening at the same time in my mind - a bright one, a pink one and a scrappy and I always seem to be choosing between these opposing colour teams. Its hard to choose between very different - but equally beautiful- options. 
Do you find the selection process of other quilters interesting? I do. I really love seeing what and how other quilters make their choices. I'm really spoilt for choice too, because over in my Yahoo BOM Group, there are so many varieties of Love Entwined and each one becomes my new favorite for a few minutes. It's really exciting to see the pattern expressed in so many different ways. And I love seeing how other quilters 'think' about the same pattern moments - we're all so different. 
I should have saved time and just 'listened' to the pattern, I went with white after all!
 But I did fussy cut the stamen!
I just think that the white lily balances the darker red and pink flowers well. Origially I wasn't going to, because the background is white and I didnt want the lily to be lost, but when I auditioned it in place, it wasn't lost at all, it was just right. 
 Here you can see my bloom fabrics: darker than I expected but working beautifully
 and the white lily has really found its home here too 
Looking forward to Vase 2 now...


  1. So pretty and love all that color and fancy stem stitching.

  2. Your work is always sooo beautiful Esther.... Love watching your LE come together. I am just beginning to work on mine again so plan to do the embroidery on the stems after seeing how lovely yours looks

  3. I love seeing your process for auditioning those amazing fussy cuts!
    This quilt is SO exquisite. Thank you for all the time you've poured into recreating this pattern and all the passion you've put into sharing it with us!

    I started the quilt earlier this year then stopped 2 months in because I wasn't happy with my fabric choices. Now that I have a new plan and collection of fabrics that I love... I look forward to working on L.E. in earnest again in the very near future.

    1. Take you time. That happened to me and my best advice is stop until you feel excited to start again. Apart from fabric dilemmas - and I know all about those!- it can be tiring or mentally fatiguing to keep pressing on with such a large project. I think that stopping until you feel a real urge to start again is the best thing. Look at me - I didn't make a start for months...because it didn't feel right and it's MY quilt!

  4. Beautiful!!! I love your colors. Have a nice weekend. Greetings from the Netherlands Tiny

  5. I am really impressed by your work, the result will be fabulous!

  6. Beautiful work! And so interesting to see what you are doing with your fussy cutting.

    Enjoy the journey.

  7. Wow, Esther, this is gorgeous!!

  8. Oh, what a perfect way to appliqué flowers. I am still searching for my fitting fabrics to make my medaillon flowerpot. Thanks for sharing.
    Greetings from Germany.
    I am the first time here, but i will come back.
    Sorry for my school-girl english


  9. Thank you for your kind comments - I have become a fussy cutting and fabric auditioning pro! I have auditioned so many fabrics, then sometimes when I am doing my prep work I don't even remember which fabric I chose until I see it again! LE is so overwhelming, I think bite size chunks are the best idea for anyone not working to a deadline like me!

  10. I have been wondering if by doing such thick embroidery first, whether you are finding it lumpy under the appliqué? I love your fabrics.


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