Wednesday 7 March 2012

WOW: Secret Quilter's Business

WOW= WIPs On Wednesday

This morning finds me burning the midnight oil (or should that be early morning oil?). 

My DD snapped a picture of me working away before breakfast to get it done in time. But I can't complain as I do love these quilting traditions. Well, I am on secret quilty business, but I can share a tiny bit of it here. More will be revealed in a few months. I think my last group quilt was a wedding quilt. I always love the special feeling that comes from 'secretly' making these...

Making freezer paper circles is fast and easy. I am becoming a pro at these after making 25...

Looking pretty...and glad to send this quilt to it's next quilter.

Now, time to get back to the BOM, Forget Me Not

Happy News:
I am a semi finalist for AQS, Paducah with my quilt Hearts Desire! So all of you in the US and visiting Paducah can have a close look at last years BOM close up!

How's your WOW this week?


  1. *Wow* is so appropriate! Congratulations on the semi-final Esther and here's to making the final! It's a gorgeous quilt!

  2. What wonderful news Esther and well deserved. Your Hearts Desire is just beautiful

  3. Congratulations and well deserved acknowledgment of your fantastic design and stitching skills in Paducah. Well done.

  4. Congratulations on being selected as a semi-finalist in Paducah. FIngers crossed for a good outcome.

  5. How exciting at Paducah!! Sure wish I lived close enough to go to the show.

  6. Hi Esther! I love that quilt I made one almost the same it was fun playing with the lights and darks on the design wall.
    Yours is gorgeous.

  7. Hearts Desire is beautiful. Congratulations on being a semi-finalist. I am off to Paducah next month, so will look out for your quilt.

  8. I just love your Hearts Desire! I love to applique also and really enjoy your blog! You do beautiful applique!


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