Friday 16 March 2012

Forget Me Not: Peony Block Up Close

You asked for here it is...details!

Here are some close ups from my Peony Block
This applique design is 1 option of 2
from this month's Mystery BOM
Forget Me Not, Part 2

There are still more details and embellishments to come. As I work through my 12 blocks in this Mystery BOM,  I will be creating each one to this 'finished' stage. When all 12 are finished, I will view the quilt as a whole before deciding on how to complete the blocks. By 'completing' I mean extra embellished stitches, embroidery and whatnot. I think there will be room for a few ladybugs or hidden things here and there...but can't say for sure until they are all lined up next to each other.

This is just how I work, if you have a vision for your own block - go for it!

This is also why my scrolls are being left blank, I'm still deciding how to script inside...and if I do it by hand, I want to do all the writing in one day so that my script doesn't change. You know, details, this quilt is all about details. Each month is about bringing 1x flower block to life and really taking care in whichever applique method you have chosen.
The applique method I used in this block is the Applique Freezer Paper Method, however instead of freezer paper, I used "Floriani Stitch N Wash Fusible, Water Soluble Tearaway"

To see a tutorial of the Applique Freezer Paper Method, it's right here on my blog,

The peony petals have been enhanced and highlighted with pencil. See the pattern for brand info. It's such a simple touch which really gives the head depth. Simple and effective.

The Peony is an applique block from PART 2 of
Forget Me Not, my 2012 Mystery BOM
No, it's not too late to join in...go ahead and get in on the mystery!

Esther’s Free BOM


  1. This is the most amazing work I have ever seen. This isn't just a quilt like I would make, this is fine artwork. I am so impressed with the leaf details, the stems, the added touches on your flowers. Simply beautiful.

  2. Wow! So much more wonderful in fabric than on paper!

  3. I have been working on a pieced peony fabric quilt, yours are soo sooo beautiful!

  4. I have been working on a pieced Peony print fabric quilt, your peonies are so so beautiful!


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