Saturday 17 March 2012

Forget Me Not: Sun & Corn Flower Block Up Close

You asked for here it is...details!

Here are some close ups from my Sun & Corn Flower Block
This applique design is 1 option of 2
from this month's Mystery BOM
Forget Me Not, Part 2

I created the sun and corn flowers with raw edge applique. I double fused the fabrics with fusible webbing in between. again, like the Peony block, this block is finished but not completed. it wont be completed until it's quilted at the end. it's also missing some embellishments. Like french knots in the sunflower head. And lots more thread work on the petals as they are currently unfinished.

If you've wanted to try colouring with pencils as an embellishment option, this is the block to try it on! The petals were beautiful before, but they really came to life when they were enhanced with just a few shades of yellow and orange. Make sure that you heat set your work if you do this. You can use any quality coloured pencil. I used Prisma. It's permanent once heat set and will not wear off.

Hmm...I do think this this sunflower is missing a little ladybug somewhere!

For The leaves and stems I used Floriani and bobbin work (thicker thread in the bobbin and then top stitched all the lines from the back, even the outline of the floriani edge so that the stitches on the right side show through, as you can see.)  This also helps me to turn the edges. At a later stage this will still be quilted...when I'm ready in the final stages.

Why the different techniques?
I love trying new things and I'm not afraid to experiment and seek out new ways of doing things. If there's a faster way to get something done, I'll try it. This doesn't mean that quality of workmanship and technique doesn't most certainly does! I love quality work, every inch should be 'just so' in my opinion. What it does mean is that there are several ways to achieve the same result in most things and in applique this is also true. Yes, you can mix needle turn and raw edge. You can use the freezer paper method with what works for you. Most of all, don't be afraid to try!

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  1. Spectacular.I love,love!!

  2. Details - oh my - what excellent details you have given us! They are so helpful. What color of fabric did you use for the center of the sun flower? This was a wonderful post.

  3. Wow, I am really impressed and think you did a wonderful job already.

    Greetings from Germany,


  4. this is amazing :)
    great post!

  5. I love the way the colored pencils add depth to the petals.

  6. I love your sunflower. How did you get the variation in the color in the center of the sunflower? When you say you heatset your colored pencil work, do you mean you just iron it? Do you use textile medium at all to seal it?

  7. Wow! Your work is just incredible! What detail... I am just amazed.

  8. It's lovely! I have a question, though. Did you mean that you turn under the seam allowance of, say, the stems after you did the outlining from the back? If so, did you wash away the Floriani before turning under? That stitching is so close to the edge. It's such a wonderful effect, though. Thank you for sharing it! Robin

  9. I wish I could play along....these are wonderful.....absolutely LOVE them


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