Monday 12 March 2012

Monday Already?

There's no time like the present time (or in my case, there's no minute like the last minute) to get things done. So today I decided that I better 'convert' the last of the remaining items from my personal patterns and turn them into something that other people can understand and use.

It feels like I have been preparing for Forget Me Not for months, which I suppose I actually have! Now that we are in Part 2 of the Mystery BOM this month, it's dawned on me that as I am making two at once, I had better get organised... I still have some other quilts and WIPs I'd like to finish this year as well. Hmm, that's the plan anyway.

So, who's ready to start the applique in Part 2 this month??

Esther’s Free BOM
Forget Me Not
is my current Free Mystery BOM


  1. I'm ready. I am going to try to use all fabrics from my meager stash. I can't decide which color scheme I want to use, so I decided to wait to see what the first applique looked like to decide. I'm getting super excited.

  2. Ready! Ready! Ready! I can't wait to see the first blocks!

  3. Oh how fun! Esther, is it possible to use a directional print for my outer border? I have 2 yards. Thanks.

    Trying to use stash here, but will shop if needed, LOL!

  4. Ready, willing and I may be able!!?! Background picked, though not yet cut. I am waiting until I have to cut it as it is one of my favourite pieces from my stash, and ii never do anything until I absolutely have to. After all why do today what you can successfully leave until the last second. Your photo looks quite wonderful and intriguing.

  5. Ready and waiting Esther.
    Have to work on Thursday so am crossing fingers you upload early and I can take pattern with me to study.If your photo is a little sample of what we have ahead, WOW what a year we will have
    Cheers Jenny

  6. My fabrics came in today. I'll cut tomorrow and be ready. : )

  7. I'm ready Esther !! I have the Butternut Curio background fabric and the border print ! They are stunning -- and have Month 1 downloaded and reviewed. Can't wait to see your designs - your previous BOM's are so very delightful !

    That sunflower you're working on is beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent!


  8. Hi there...
    I found you searching for Potica recipes...Well I have my mom's recipe, but I was further investigating. And I found your video, loved it!
    Your Potica looks beautiful! I am making a double recipe today, God help me...
    Just wanted to say hi.


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