Tuesday 29 March 2011

Super Strip Workshop

Already 10 days have passed since my Workshop with Susan Briscoe. Time is really flying past for me at the moment as I have so much on...it doesn't always feel this hectic, thank goodness!
Now, I haven't done as much piecing work as I would like, usually applique always takes preference. So when the opportunity to do a Workshop with Susan who was visiting from the UK arose, well I jumped at the chance.

I have NO IDEA why Blogger is insisting to tilt this picture sideways. Oh well...

I wasn't convinced about a super strip quilt....but when you have as much fabric as I do, you have nothing to lose. Except maybe a bit of stash. I went for blues, because my range is quite good in the blues and the fabrics I had were 'old' and I knew I wouldn't be using them in any newish applique designs.

I cut strips as per the workshop requirements and managed, in the class, to complete the centre. We could have used a Jelly Roll, but I felt 2.5inch strips were too wide for me, so I made double work for myself and cut up my own strips at 1.5inch, which means that my centre is smaller but I like it.It also means it will take me longer to finisher, but oh well, what's another WIP?

I was really pleased with the results. I'm going to love this quilt. It's going to be an 'about the house' useful quilt. Which is just what we need. I am even thinking of making another in pinks as it is a great way to use fabrics that you love...but know deep down that you will probably never use. I'd rather see that kind of stash being put to use.

As for the piecing, it was nice to dust off this technique as I don't do enough in my quilting repertoire.

Thanks Susan for a wonderful workshop!

Just the centre

adding a few rows at home


  1. It's nice to do a workshop now and again, isn't it! Your new blue quilt looks lovely

  2. The new blue quilt looks lovely.....can't wait to see the finished quilt...

  3. That's going to finish in a really gorgeous quilt. Blue is a really restful color.


  4. Sideways?? Whadda ya mean.. I thought that was your super sexy strip dance LOL..

  5. Beautiful block. It will make a great quilt.

  6. Love your blue quilt. I have had a bit of trouble with blogger and some of my other blogger friend have had trouble to.

  7. Pictures will often go sideways if you have not saved them as vertical in Picasa or whatever program you use.

  8. Oh wow, that is beautiful!!! I love the colours .. blue is one of my favourites :-)


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