Tuesday 15 March 2011

Hearts Desire Block 2: Sing Me A Song

I suggest you colour in your pattern sheet to get a feel for colour. I did...and I still could't decide. Luckily, when I think about alternatives, I only have to look through my Yahoo Group to see what fab ideas everyone else has had...and just enjoy it.

I really love this fabic, I decided to fussy cut it for the 1st Border
Please don't ask me details about this 'border'
I have no intention of telling you - it's a Mystery

Of course, the fussy cutting is completely optional!

This bird changed his feather's a few times...my DD demanded a pink one...then a blue one...then she wasn't keen on him!

I just made him the way I wanted in the first place!


  1. Hmm looks very interesting!! I am enjoying the mystery side of things it makes the challange of chosing the fabric that much more testing of my colour co ordinating skills. I am only using stash fabrics. Thanks Esther your a gem xx Angela


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