Sunday 13 March 2011

Grateful Sunday

Like many of you, I have been gripped by images coming out of Japan. Perhaps gripped is the wrong word, but these events really leave me at a loss for words. Natural disasters are devastating, but nuclear disasters are a whole new level of concern.

What can anyone say?

Over at Elizabeth Cat’s blog, she vividly remembers being drenched in Chernobyl rain as a young girl in a checked dress….and it’s these images, these insights, that remind me of how precious and fragile life is.
I feel so grateful today.

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  1. I remember that bad day in 1986 too. I was pregnat with my lovely daughter Yrsa and I had to take care for my 2 boys at that time. All the good vegi, growing in my backyard were effected by the radioactiv was a bad time with a lot of fears and tears.
    And now another box of worms got opend by Mother Nature. Hope all goes well for the world. Send a prayer in the wind
    Hugs Gunda


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