Tuesday 15 March 2011

Hearts Desire Blocks 2 & 3 are launched

So, here we are. It’s the 15th again. And my, doesn’t time fly when you’re part of a Mystery BOM? This month I am releasing 2 blocks and this will cover 2 months.

Why? So the Mystery doesn’t disadvantage your fabric options. I’ve seen how hectic you’ve all been, busily making the most beautiful and varied blocks, I have really enjoyed seeing this mystery through your eyes via your created blocks. Thank you to everyone who has posted images up on the Yahoo Group – it’s such a treat to look through and see how you’re all doing.

And now it’s time for Block 2… and Block 3

Block 2: Sing Me a Song

& the 1st Border

Block 3: Love Entwined

This month caused a little dilemma for me. Ideally, I would have liked to release block 2 and then block 3 next month on April 15th, as would be expected. But I also had to take into consideration that you are making this quilt blindfolded, and it would be so unfair to unleash block 3 next month after you had made and finished Block 2.

For one thing, it would be impossible for you to select your fabrics and potentially run out of them and then have to select an alternative for Block 3. You will see what I mean from the photos. Although these are 2 independent blocks, they do join together to create one ‘set’. And this set fits around the center block. I'm not going to say anymore about it as it's a Mystery. But do remember- don't assemble your quilt top until all the blocks are completed...and that wont be until July 2011.

Please remember: you have 2 months to complete these 2 blocks.

Block 2 will be free until April 15th
Block 3 will be free until May 15th

This is boring but it comes up every BOM:
The pattern is a PDF document, and is set to print at 100% A4 for easy home printing
All printers are different and some printers like to re-set PDF pages to 95%

Please note:
Ensure that your printer is set to print to 100%
If your print preview shows you set to print at 95%, ensure that the default to “shrink to printable area” box is not checked. If it is, uncheck it.
Select: Page Scaling: none


  1. Wow! These are impressive! What a creative and generous spirit you are.
    Thank you

  2. Love them although I gasped when I saw them. Just gorgeous.

  3. wish me luck this my be over my head, love it, I'll try my best.

  4. OK, I am overwhelmed but I am going to try. I printed everything out this morning and taped the block pieces together. Then I worked on other projects so I could be caught up on them before I jump in to figuring out how in the world I am going to make these blocks and have them all done by April 14th. Thanks, this is a real challenge.

  5. All these are awesome so far. You do beautiful work, and your colors work so well together.
    I found you just after In The Pink started, and I've been a faithful follower ever since.
    Lisa in Alabama


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