Wednesday 16 March 2011

Floriani Applique Technique

Stitch and Wash Applique Technique: a great technique when you are working a lot of applique. I find it quick and easy. It's especially good if you have a lot of small pieces or like creating a 'production line' of shapes. I am using the Stitch and Wash Applique Technique with Floriani brand Stitch & Wash.
Basically, I refer to it as Floriani Applique.Which product do I use from the range? Floriani: Stitch & Wash Fusible - it's on a roll. The label says this:

"Floriani Embroidery
Sewing & quilting Products
Stitch N Wash
Fusible Water Soluble
Tearaway Stabilizer "

There are several brands of fusible water soluble tear away stabilizer. I have never had any trouble with Floriani so this is the brand I recommend. Of course, use any brand you prefer.

This technique is almost the same as the Applique by Freezer Paper Tutorial I demonstrated on a previous post. The only difference is that, instead of removing the freezer paper, you leave the stabilizer in place. This way, the process is a little quicker and you can work rather quickly.

My Freezer paper Applique Technique Tutorial is Here:

The process is the same - simply leave the floriani Stitch N Wash  Fusible Water Soluble Tearaway Stabilizer in place instead of removing it after the shape is created (as you do with the freezer paper).
Trace the shape:
iron it onto the wrong side of your fabric
Starch the seam allowance around the shape, then iron edges over:
the Stitch N Wash  Fusible Water Soluble Tearaway Stabilizer will help you create a neat edge all around. As you can see, I am using Best Press by Mary Ellen which a lot of quilters swear by. I also like Crisp spray starch. Use whichever starch you prefer.

Some quilters like to glue the seam allowance and stick it down .They find this works for them. You can see I do this at times with the freezer paper method. However, I don't do this when using Floriani because I don't like the feel of it. It's personal choice. Experiment and see what suits you.
Simply brush the seam allowance with starch, iron over the fusible webbing and once the shape is set, that's it. Leave the Stitch N Wash  Fusible Water Soluble Tearaway Stabilizer  in place.

Stitch N Wash  Fusible Water Soluble Tearaway Stabilizer softens when washed and doesn't bulk out your shape. If you haven't tried this technqiue because you are worried about leaving the Stitch N Wash  Fusible Water Soluble Tearaway Stabilizer  in place - there isnt any need to be worried. It shouldn't disintegrate or crumble.
Use whichever applique technique suits you best. If the freezer paper and / or Stitch N Wash  Fusible Water Soluble Tearaway Stabilizer applique technique doesn’t suit you, you may prefer raw edge applique. In that case, Stitch N Wash  Fusible Water Soluble Tearaway Stabilizer can help you achieve clean cutting lines, and you simply cut out your shapes without a seam allowance. The shape is then ready for decorative / finishing stitching such as blanket stitch or buttonhole stitch - if you so choose.

Just remember, the attention you pay to details as you go along with reward you twofold when you are putting the quilt top together at the end – so do whichever method you love. When you love the technique, getting it right becomes a pleasure.

My personal love is always the painstaking pleasure of needle turn applique, but that said – I am always looking for new ways to accomplish ideas as well, and I find that Stitch N Wash  Fusible Water Soluble Tearaway Stabilizer applique is a good compromise.


  1. Great tutorial! Thanks for posting this method.

  2. Thanks so much for all you do! Yours is my favorite blog.

  3. The tutorial was great and the products look great!

  4. Great tutorial, and you have made a wonderful chouce of colors. I hope I can find this line of fabric around here.
    Thanks for all the work you do to share with us.
    Lisa in Alabama

  5. I thought I was being cleaver when I decided to use some tearaway stabilizer instead of freezer paper only to discover you had found this great method already :0 I found that the stabilizer (I didn't use wash away just regular tearaway) holds up much better when I use starch. I then pulled out the tearaway right before hand stitching. I may use tearaway more often.

  6. Hi Esther - do you trace the reverse of your design onto the Floriani or the right side up ?? thanks


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