Wednesday 13 January 2010

January Relief

It's been scorching hot - too hot to quilt, too hot to sew...even too hot to design or go online. I've been spending my days in front of the air con catching up on my reading list.

Finally - my DH and I have no holiday commitments - the children are all grown up and arent we pleased! We are spending January as we like, and after our morning coffee we sometimes just decide to take off for a day or two. It's been so nice. My DD's of course always want to know where we are! I think this is hilarious.

Today has been mild - such a relief and I've been progressing with my BOM design.

Also, last week it was 35th wedding anniversary. My DD made an american cake - a Red Velvet cake. It's a chocolate cake which is red - except it doesnt taste at all chocolately - I can't tell you what it tastes's almost undescribable and I think thats the allure of it. Also, apparently the 'real' Red Velvet recipe is something of a mystery - there are so many variations and none list the elusive 'secret ingredient'. So if anyone out there can advise - please do.

It's a beautiful looking cake and the texture is moist ...but when you eat it, you can feel that something is 'missing'....but can't put your finger on what exactly.

I am more traditional myself and actually requested a chocolate walnut torte - but anyhow, like always, no one took any notice. Maybe being away at the time meant that my influence was diluted - I have to admit that I love to hang around and offer 'suggestions' whenever any baking goes on in my kitchen! Much to the displeasure of of DD's.

What's New?
Still sorting out dates for the year ahead, however:
Red Delicious is not finished - there are 2 cushions to complete the Red Room which are in 'production' and will be posted by the end of January for free.
The next free BOM's launch- (I am still deciding on size and a working title) -more on this later in the month, but I can say that it is a bed quilt - I'm leaning towards 70-80 inches at the monent, I really want a quilt that will be used.
I am all over the place in January - however things are shaping up and I do read all my emails so keep them coming, it great to hear from you.


  1. Esther
    the secret ingredient is a bottle of red food dye! LOL I googled the recipe for it.. I think I got one at site there are heaps of recipes there.. I had planned to make one for one of the girlies at work.. I also seen (or was it dreamed???) a *shock*Gasp* packet cake mix for it, but of course can't remember where I seen it, but I am quietly confident it was Betty Crocker!

    take care and happy anniversary to you :O)

    stay cool!

    nr Newcastle (where the southerly has hit - bliss!)

  2. what beautiful roses - happy anniversary :)

    thank you for the comment you left on my blog

  3. Congratulations on your 35th wedding anniversary.

  4. Happy Anniversary, Esther!! May you be blessed with many more yet to come!
    The cake does look there a recipe you can share?

  5. We made Red Velvet cake last year. It's amazing... perfect for a celebration. Seeing yours makes me wonder if I can think if a celebration that 'needs' a Red Velvet cake!!

  6. I cant imagine HOT as it is soo cold here in england I do like your work and now I will follow you and stop talking about cake--I am on a diet

  7. What beautiful roses. We decided to make a Red Velvet Cake for my son's 18th but it was a disaster!! I have googled a few more recipes and intend to give it another go! I have bought a packet mix (from a USA foods site) so will give that a go as well!

  8. Oooo, well one secret is out! Red food coloring to give it, it's lucious color - a couple tablespoons of cocoa for that ever so slight chocolate taste...the other ingredient is LOVE! Making this cake is a favorite of mine...yummy!Your cake looks very good. Happy Anniversary! OMGosh! a bed quilt will absolutely great! Looking forward to whatever it may be!

  9. Ooh Esther, wicked looking red velvet cake. If the secret ingredient is a whole bottle of red food dye, that's a lot of food colouring! Maybe I can find a nice natural one because I now really want to try cooking this recipe. Thanks for sharing, can't wait to see what you produce next. And, see you at AQC- I will be around.

  10. Many beautiful happy years in strength in health .
    I congratulate you 35 years of marriage.!
    Üdvölet Marika

  11. Congrats on those years of Marriage and may there be many more.


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