Tuesday 5 January 2010

Hello 2010!

Welcome 2010!

For those of you who follow my blog, thank you for joining me as I explore my ideas and thoughts online - it's great to hear from you and know that you're out there.

I was amazed to return to my computer this past week for the first time in 2010 and notice that I have had over 200'000 visitors. That's a big deal for someone who types as slowly as I do!

I still remember my first post (and some of the things I havent got around to doing yet from that same week!) and I've got a lot of ideas and lists to get through this year, and I hope to share my progress through these items online...and I'm so glad that you're joining me in the journey.

It's been nice to have a week off over Christmas and New Year to relax my mind somewhat and have some creative downtime - it always re-focuses my ideas (Ok, any excuse!). I've been through my fabric stash again and I'm feeling enthused. I found some great crochet patterns I've been meaning to get around to and I'm sorry that it's too hot to handle yarn right now because I have a serious handwork 'craving' which I'm re-directing into my UFO box.

There's lots to say and do - but I'll start with sharing my dining table with you - it's covered with ideas and measurements as I fine tune the next Mystery BOM design.

When my children were in school, I used to refer to the 'two' calendars running through our lives - 'term dates' and the 'ordinary' year. Now, I still have two 'calendars' : my creative year and it's cycles and the 'ordinary' year.

Well, my creative year has definitely started!


  1. Looking forward to the next Mystery BOM!

  2. Happy Creative Start!
    Esther, I joined about September 2009 and did miss out on the BOM; however, your blog and work is sooooo B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!! and I plan to make the 2010 journey with you and the group. I am not the best needle-turner appliquer and maybe the slowest, but I look forward to this years designs and blocks! BRING IT ON! I'm ready! (I think), lol!

  3. Hello!,
    Happy 2010, wishing you a great ,fun and bright 2010 year!1

  4. Happy 2010. I love your quilts!!!
    kisses from Alicante, Spain.


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