Friday, 8 January 2010

BOM 2 progress

Ready to go:
but no fabrics or colours yet!

Moments like these, I really wish someone would just send me some fresh fabric design prints to work with… and take all the hassle of ‘finding’ the right fabric away for me.

I feel like I’ve seen everything! (stash fatigue) and I work better and faster when the details are taken care of.

I’ve been going through my stash – again- I found some great blue / green / yellows which are screaming to be made into an oceanic hues quilt…and then I found the black and white stash box and remembered that monochromatic quilt I’ve been meaning to get around to making and that is somewhere on my To Do list…but nothing was really jelling with the design I have created for the next BOM. Dilemma!

I really thought I had reached the point where I would have to purchase something new and fresh today…when I stumbled across these prints, which really speak to me and fit in with the design. I had no idea I would veer towards these pinks, but it all looks like it will work (at this stage).

Now I have to put away my boxes, tidy my work space and measure out to see if I have enough of each print to go ahead.
With 2 DD’s in the house, I am forever finding ‘perfect’ fabric prints that have had chunks mysteriously cut out of them before being neatly re-folded and put back on the shelf! And it always happens when you have only enough fabric in supply down to the last inch!
I am quite excited to cut in myself and get started as I have already fallen in love with the design and no...its not a wall hanging this time around, its a bed quilt.

Will keep you posted ...


  1. Interesting colour choice, are you going to give us any more clues is it appliqued or pieced ?

  2. I am following your post with interest, can't wait to see what you will do with the BOM

  3. Oh, you should see my sewing room after I've pulled out fabrics to audition. LOL Anxiously waiting to see what the next BOM will be.

  4. Oh this is exciting... like Christmas all over again. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  5. Anxiously awaiting for the design and pics. My sewing room is my family room. I don't like being away from my husband so the TV, computer and sewing area is in the same room. Steph

  6. I think part of the fun of starting a new project is going through your stash and finding a combination of fabrics and colors that call out to you. It is always quite unexpected - the result is always different than I anticipated and a surprise.

  7. Congratulations on your 35th wedding anniversary Esther.
    We got into trouble with our son (22/3) at the time when we went away for the week-end and left our mobile phones off LOL. He was worried. I just think they are used to being constantly on tap, whereas we don't feel the need to be.
    I agree with you, it was too hot to craft or be on the computer, even with air con.
    Enjoy your days out :)

  8. Hello Esther, will be interested to see your new BOM.....with your fabric choices ...I know how you feel....when the fabric feels right....Warm Regards Lyn


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