Monday 1 September 2008

SEPT 1st

Well, where is the year going? I can barely believe its Sept. already! Today I posted Nightshade to Houston, I'm really delighted that its finally on its way there.

I've been very slack with my blog as I've been so busy sketching and trying out a few new ideas....and experimenting....with paints and pencils....and have nothing to report back yet. I had to stop just to make some order in my that I could keep on going...Predictably, I am back at the challenge where I have decided to use my fabric stash...but keep coming up with quilts that need new fabric, and the stash just keeps increasing as usual.

My BOM sketches which I've been turning into a pattern, 'Red Delicious' have come together really well, and I'm considering doing both a stencil and applique piece....the only problem is, all my reds are the 'wrong' reds and so I really dont think I'm going to be clearing out the red drawer of prints at all !

I found a stash of christmassy I'm considering whether I need any new things for the table / wall / sofa / bed this season....I probably do..... after all, can a quilter have too many Christmas Stockings on the ledge????

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