Sunday 21 September 2008

Basking in the Sun

Basking in the I started emptying out my bear drawers, and came across some little bears that I made a few years ago just before I started quilting. It's a shame to keep them boxed up so my daughter took them out in the garden for a photo shoot in order to find them new homes.
I remember when I first started making bears - a friend told me that bear makers always end up making bears that look like themselves, their spouses or their pets! I remember looking at some bears of people I knew and seeing a resemblance....and then staring at my own ...and not being able to see anything....but a bear. Until today that is. This little bear, ginger fluff, has a strong resemblance to my over indulged and over dramatic cat, who was no doubt looking at me forlornly whilst I was trying to make ginger fluff's face.
I ended up boxing my bears away because my cat took a liking to biting my bears faces and trying to chew off their stitched noses.


  1. What a cute bear shot - I love it. I can tell teddy enjoys the day out in the sun too! :)

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