Saturday 13 September 2008

Esther's Occassional Quote for the Day

"Say it with flowers" I created this wall hanging a while back in Pam Holland's workshop. I feel in love with the technique and promised myself that I would use it to make a whole series of flowers (on the to do list!).
I started with a Mop Hydrangea because they are so beautiful and in Melbourne when they bloom in my garden, they die very quickly because of the heat that comes quite suddenly (as well as the current water issues) I never get to enjoy them for as long as I would like.
Looking over my quilting history, I'm always drawn to nature, mostly birds and flowers and interpretations and sketches of them..... at the moment I am looking for the perfect Peony picture to create another image. It is an elusive flower.

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  1. hi Ester

    Have you checked out some of the on line gardening sites like the following:

    You can click on the pictures and typically get larger versions. there are probably other sites as well.

    Have fun



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