Tuesday 9 September 2008

Much ado about nothing !

Well, because I didnt have anything to do, I was seeking inspiration and came across a marvellous idea / challenge to make a quilt (that gets listed) in an HOUR. I cant hardly wait to challenge myself in this, as I like to meander through several quilts at once.

Otherwise, I've been preparing some new workshop material....you know, just the boring basics like instructions, etc that seem to take so long to get done on the computer.

At the moment I'm spending most of my quilting time 'journalling' as I have plenty of ideas and motivations......just not the stamina to actually do them yet....so its been a little quiet.

Staring at the design wall from my comfy chair is my favourite past time!
This week I sold my Papa Polar Bear on Etsy....and I have to admit that whilst I was packing him in his travel box....I nearly couldnt do it! I know I know, I havent even given him a thought since I made him, but sending him to his new home made me want to keep him!

I'm a bit like that with quilts too....how can come people give away their hand work so easily? I envy their ability to de-tatch. Even when I 'only' quilt a raffle quilt I end up falling in love with at least on aspect of the design that warrants me keeping it....it's ok though, I never do!

Yes, I'm taking things easy and just enjoying the year so far and indulging in a few new things like colour mixing and paper cutting.
So far this year I have managed to make 11 quilts...and I'm nowhere near getting through my stack of ideas....sometimes I wonder if I will get to make everything I've planned.....maybe I should start making smaller quilts?!
Tomorrow I am starting on a very special project.... I am quilting a quilt that is very dear to me and the quilting will be very personalised....I will chart my quilting progress here as it emerges.....It will be for a very dear friend ( I better not name names!)

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. I once bought back a raffle quilt from the lady who won it!
    And my first major raffle quilt, well I wonder where it is....?


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