Wednesday 25 June 2008

Waltzing Pinks...published

Waltzing Pinks is published, Vol 16, No. 12. AP&Q Mag. I love the photo work they have done with this quilt, it's perfectly suited. Sometimes when you send a quilt off to a magazine, you wonder how it will be presented (no, I dont see the print photo's until its published and on the shelf.) Luckily I've always been happy with the end results....which is unusual because I'm a French Provincale fan...and they manage to get it just right.

Also in this edition, as well as the project, is a profile on me!

I was delighted to receive this magazine in the post today. It inspires me to keep on with my many studio projects.

Thank you Marianne and the AP&Q Team for such a wonderful job.

I know lots of you have been thinking of trying stencil quilt, for maybe the first time. It's very rewarding and well worth it, I urge everyone to buy this edition and give Waltzing Pinks a try! Send me a pic of your finished quilt and I'll post it up on this blog.....happy quilting!

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  1. This is a wonderful quilt - i will be on the lookout for this mag! ^debbie^


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