Tuesday 17 June 2008

Sydney Show 2008...reflections before taking off AGAIN

I had a wonderful time at the Sydney Show this year...here are some pics from day to night shots of the inside.

The view here is from the Sydney Committe room, what a great view they have from up there!

Thank you to every single person who came up to me and let me know that they read this blog - its so nice to hear positive feedback.....please dont feel shy to leave comments or email me, its always nice to share what we know...

I saw some great quilts and I was very impressed with Sydney's PROMPT taxi's (nothing like Melbourne's) so that made it all the easier. The Show display looked really vibrant and the colours used in quilts on display were so alive.

Some of my favourite quilts on display this year were just wild with colour... I envy everyone who manages to colour match this well....I always umm and ahh over my colour selection....it's something I've realised I just have to work on....

I do actually own a 3-in-1 colour tool by Joen Wolfrom, so my next challenge is to use this nifty device on my fabric stash.

I noticed that the shop and store holders didnt really have anything new on offer.... it's all been on display before, so maybe we're inbetween trends at the moment? Mind you, that didnt stop me buying some things....and then going back for more. I made the hotel and show dash back and forth a few times, always picking up something extra.

I have a great time on Saturday when I quilted away at the Charity Quilts, it's so nice when someone sets up the sewing machine for you (and bastes for you) and all you have to do is sit down and get quilting! I need my own personal staff at home too!

I was worried that I wouldnt be able to finishing the quilting by lunchtime, but I managed it....it was a lovely feeling being able to quilt and chat with well wishers the whole time. Good company makes for good quilting.

Looking forward to the next show now.

Will I finish a new quilt on time? Will I start a new quilt? Have I learnt my 'last minute' lesson yet? (actually, I already started my new quilt - just this morning-. HERE WE GO AGAIN!)

This year, I'm very proud to have been selected to be a Guest Artist of the Vic Quilter's SHowcase and exhibit my quilting journey so far. I'll be showing my quilting progression in the last 8 years since I started ( the time has just flown by)...


  1. Hi Esther,
    We know each other from The Quilt Show. I'm Shirley from Launceston, the one following your work for a while now. Congratulations on being chosen to showcase your quilting journey.

    As a treat here is a coupon code, SADIA1231 ,for a 10% discount for purchases made at www.quiltersbiz.com for as many times as you like between now and the 31st December 2008.
    Enjoy Shirley

  2. This is great info to know.


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