Wednesday 25 June 2008


Last time I left my quilt making to the last minute (and was unhappy with the results), I promised myself that I would consult a quilters colour tool and work according to 'the rules'.

Now, I dont like working to the rules, but after 80 or so quilts and projects, it's time I put my foot down!

Today I started my next quilt. Its a stencil quilt. It's also based on a perfectly acceptable TRI COMPLIMENTARY. All I can say is, I'm using the Red Yellow-Green and Blue colour chart.

I'm finishing up my design today and will start the colour mixing hopefully tomorrow.

I'll keep you posted. This is the only way I will actually get it done and stay on schedule. Yes, this quilt will be exhibited at Vic Quilters Showcase in 4 weeks (dont worry, this quilt has been in the 'making' -in my head- for a year) it'll get done....I hope

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