Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Roses in Bloom

Lately as I go about my life, I have been seeing roses everywhere. On fences, overtaking other plants, creeping onto pavements....it seems that these last few months of extra rain have given roses everywhere a new gust of life after a dry, hot suffocating year of water restrictions.

This delights me as I have missed seeing so many things in bloom. I nearly forgot what I was missing out on.

These are some pictures from my neglected garden.

I have completely ignored them and they have come through blooming for me....wonderful.

You can see where my inspirations for design comes from. When winter comes, I want to be surrounded with these colours and shapes...

It's got me thinking back to my procion dying days. My quest for colour has reached critical point: I have been thinking of hand dying my own yarn for crochet work. It seems that yarn colour is so limited. Why is this???

I have so many ideas I would love to crochet through in subtle and natural shades.

If anyone knows of a supplier of wool who offers a significant colour range....please let me know!

I love this head - it looks as if I have flecked it with a paint brush...no, it's completely natural.
Speaking of crochet, although I have plenty to do already, I have started designing an afghan. Yes! My main trouble is with the colour selections so I am still working on that. I am working through sampling my ideas into blocks at the minute.

I have so much to do before the end of this year that I have created a list (this may not seem like much of a big deal, but it was for me). For one thing, I realised that I have A LOT of things to get done...and well as a LOT of things I want to do....so I had better get stuck in.

On top of that list is doing something about my *stash*
It's still rather big.

I read somewhere that my kind of stash was now referred to as a SABLE.
Above and

That's me!

I decided to only buy fabric for specific projects that I will use ASAP - but as you have already guessed -it doesn't work like that,. You see a fabric, you love it, you know you could use it in that as yet undesigned quilt...you think of your groaning stash mountain and have second thoughts...and then you remember how whenever you don't purchase what you love right there on the spot - it sells out!

What's a quilter to do?

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

a Hex to Share

Christmas is just over a month away...(how did that happen so quickly??), so now was not a great time to find a new project to fall in love with. But it's happened and here it is: a little HEX

This is little hex is addictive, and once you get the hang of it, you can whip it out almost anywhere and get it done whilst talking with friends or over coffee or in front of the TV or anytime really. I think it would be a great scrappy but also have visions of seeing it in all cream as a light throw. The beauty is that whilst you are folding, you are also creating the front and back at the same time.

I am thinking of adding some pre-cut batting into the centre of the hex to really make it puff, but it has plenty of 'effect' already. I am also going to see if turning in the seams will create a neat centre without need for a button to cover up the raw edges. In a word, it's charming. And you can put it away and carry on with it whenever you feel like.

It's not mine. It's been doing the blog rounds lately and I just had to give it a go and you can see my results below. Of course, you could also make singles for decorations: cards and buntings- but I still see a quilt out of this. The YouTube link below is courtesy of Ane Matos (if you haven't seen it before I suggest watching with the sound on mute).

I think I have seen this hex before though (perhaps in a book??) if anyone knows...could you please let me know as I would love to purchase the book I think this design originally came from.

Thanks to Ane for posting this on YouTube, it's always helpful to see it made before trying it yourself. Now my only problem is...WHEN will I find the time to fit in another WIP????????????

Thursday, 11 November 2010

A Quilt for Sue....completed

Liz has finished the Quilt for Sue. I know from emails that some of you sent in blocks and were as eager as I was to see the finished product. Well, prepare to be delighted. I am amazed at how well organised and how quickly Liz got this together. Lizzie you are an inspiration.

To see more all the pics, please drop by Lizzie' blog here   where you can admire the quilt and read up about this wonderful quilt project.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

A pleasure shared is double the pleasure

Recognise this quilt? Anyone? It's Red Delicious!

Today was shaping up to be just another Tuesday...until I received news via a happy mail from Bronwen Sayers- her Red Delicious Quilt, titled: My Pink Lady took out an impressive award.

SA's Festival of Quilts 2010
My Pink Lady by Bronwen Sayers
was awarded 2nd Place in
Predominantly Applique - Professional

This news just made my day! I love hearing about Red Delicious quilts out there in the world making their mark in show after show. This is an impressive award in an accomplished category and I congratulate Bronwen for doing such a great job!

Once again, another quilter has made Red Delicious all her own. This quilt is full of personality - I just love it!

Also, when I was making Red Delicious, I had ideas about how it would look in prints, in monochromes, in batiks and... in pinks with just the right shades of yellow... -Bronwen you read my mind!....and I love these pinks. They work so well. Bronwen you have a great eye for applique. Fabric can make all the difference and your selection is superb.

Thanks to all the talented ladies who share their work in Yahoo Bom Group, I have been lucky enough to 'see' Red Delicious made up in all those 'ideas' of possibility as well as plenty more. Each quilt has so much of the makers 'hand' in its look that I love browsing through the albums.

I am so lucky that so many of you have generously shared your creative work back with me so I can enjoy it too. Thank you to everyone who has shared their process with me personally and via the group.

I love this cherry basket..the purple tones just sing.

Thank you for sharing this pleasure with me...

Monday, 8 November 2010


Congratulations to Robyne Melia (blog over here: http://robynefmelia.blogspot.com/) who has sold her Crazy Quilt for $70,000

I think that's note worthy. Congrats Robyne, it gives all us patchworkers hope that someday our quilts will have a real sales value.

It's so nice to hear that someone has sold a real quilt for this price... do drop by her blog and congratulate her yourself, this is quite a (historic?) achievement!

Hooking is addictive

This is what 94 crochet hex motifs look like...

When I realised I was only 8 short for the afghan, I got stuck in. I wasn't prepared to wait another week to finish my nightly tally.

Now I wish I had been joining them as I went along -facing the hours stitching them together is already a little bit boring and I am only 1 row down (9 to go). Oh well, at least I will have this project finished before summer. Another project avoids the WIP shelf!

The problem with crochet is that you can sit down to join a single row and before you know what happened, 3 hours have passed and you don't know what to cook for lunch!

Also on my mind this past weekend: the 12 Days of Christmas

Up on my wall, I felt it was missing something but could not decide what. It's already quite busy, so although I thought another border would be a good idea...I didnt want to overdo it either.

Then I found some red bits in my red scrap box that I started earlier on in the year and never finished, and I think it works...what do you think?

Sunday, 7 November 2010

What's a Pinmoor?

So many emails...so here it is (off YouTube).
This video shows you what pinmoor is.

I havent actually used it yet, so I can't add my own review. It looks promising though and I will definitely share my experience when it happens.

You can visit the official website here: http://www.pinmoor.com/
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