Tuesday 29 January 2019

Making the Heartfelt Centre

I love this sight, it means progress is on it's way. By now, I didn't see myself still doing it like this. I have a Brother Scan n Cut sitting on my table.. but I've been so busy, I haven't actually had time to 'use' it. How ridiculous is that? I have to finally tackle it before it gets covered in dust!

Anyhow, here are my template shapes, ready for cutting. I've already selected the fabrics. Well, most of them- you know I love to change things up as I go along..
follow the pattern to create your template units
 I'm creating my star with the templates
although I've noticed a lot of you are fussing cutting the shape instead - and that works perfectly too
I like to create two halves from my templates and then sew them together
Like so
I never tire of making stars, I think I'll have to make a star quilt one of these days 
and now it's time to sew my heart sets
I finally opted for a cheerful yellow that blends with the olive green and picks up the dark pinks in the star fabric
Looking good, huh?
As I go on, the more fun it gets..
Aren't these leaves the best? I'm so happy with the harmony between these fabrics
and this is my neat back view
I'm still deciding on what fabric I'm going to use for the area behind the Heartfelt Centre 
that is framed by the scallop border (not the background).


  1. I like the woven looking one and the purple one. But this is your quilt - you'll pick the right one. Looking gorgeous!

  2. Your choice of the yellow fabric is brilliant. It makes the whole block sing!


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