Sunday 27 January 2019

1 Quilt = 2 Colour schemes

I know, I can't believe it either. 
Hold Onto Your Heart is pulling me into two directions.. and I'm taking both roads!

Resistance is futile. My quilts have a mind of their own, I just follow their lead. Each pattern has a 'feel' to it and I can only audition fabrics until a 'fit' happens. Sometimes this is completely unexpected and different to what I envisioned. With Hold Onto Your Heart, I've been going back and forth and getting muddled with the in-between, so I'm going into two distinct ways:

The first calling is a gently romantic breeze in an almost monochromatic hue, it's subtle and sophisticated - and to that end, I'm still pulling the pallette together. I'm expecting the final delivery to arrive this week. I already have the base fabrics and they are just what I want to achieve. I've never made a monochromatic quilt before and this is something I want to challenge myself with. 

The second calling is a full colour 'love it as I go' selection and I've already made a start. There's much less pressure getting this one 'right' which is something I overthink and stress about a lot. I'm just going to have fun with bursts of colour. I love the idea of having a robust full colour quilt and a subtle sophisticated twin as well. They're both going to be fabulous and you'll be seeing me work on both. 

I'm also working on 3 x Love Always colourways I guess I'm going to have to find a few extra hours in the day. Ha! What else is new?

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