Wednesday 25 July 2018

WOW: Bringing in Sunshine

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays
It's so cold and wintry down my way; the winds are howling and it's been raining non stop. 
I'm very grateful to be warm and cosy inside, doing what I love.

Yesterday I went back to Darn Cheap Fabrics to pick up some more Outback Wife bargain fabrics. They're selling them for $9 a metre which seems unbelievable considering I used to see them available for $40 a metre. I decided that I wanted a 'craft' carry around bag and, as it's something I can get done in a single day, it seems more likely that I will actually sit down to sew it. I was going to start it today, but I'm still looking online for handles and possibly even a bag frame to use. I will show you more once I have decided on a plan of action.

With Australis and Cherish about to launch, I thought it was time to reward myself with another bunch of flowers and I couldn't pass up on these Californian Poppies from the supermarket- they're my dose of sunshine on these gloomy days. How perfect and cheerful is this shade of orange? 
I have to admit, these flowers and my dose of bargain fabric shopping made braving the cold worthwhile and I'm feeling really good as I set to work on my WIPS.. I hope you're day is as productive as mine will be!

What's Your WOW?


  1. Ooh how exciting that you are nearly launching the last two designs for BOM2018 (I'm trying very hard to stick with Love Always ;) ;)

    Love the poppies. Aren't they gorgeous.

  2. Beautiful flowers, hope you will have better weather soon!

  3. Poppies are one of my favourites and that colour is gorgeous. I wish we could bargain shop for fabrics here but I'm happy for you, Esther.

  4. Ooh those poppies, gorgeous! I had to laugh at your cold day, we are melting here with humidity so high you can cut it with a knife.

  5. Those poppies are so bright and happy surely will brighten up your gloomy weather.


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