Friday 27 July 2018

'On My Window, Flowers Bloom' by Sobana Sundar

  On My Window Flowers Bloom by Sobana Sundar  
What a week for this popular floral wall hanging! Two in a single week, wow! Keep them coming everyone, I can't get enough of your creative talent. This beauty is by Sobana Sundar. Isn't it great? I'm noticing a trend for blue sky backgrounds and as they all look so wonderful, I can understand why!

I love how the blue sky background draws the eye to the front vase blooms. The use of white to enhance the blooms is a gorgeous touch and the lightly spotted white blooms look positively ethereal on either side of the extravagant purple head. The red blooms above are perfectly graduated and the wood frame with green pops. It's gorgeous!

If you'd like to read more about On My Window, Flowers Bloom, you can check out the OMWFB post archive right here on this blog by clicking the image below. 

'On My Window, Flowers Bloom' 
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