Tuesday 15 May 2018

Hazel & Little Hazel are (finally) Launched!

  Hazel & Little Hazel  
Little Hazel: 62 x 62 inches
Who loves piecing?! These blocks are stunning as they show off your favourite fabric; flowing in and out of each block beautifully. It's a strong visual design waiting for your own mix of gorgeous fabrics to make it shine. 

Hazel and it’s simplified version Little Hazel is a pieced quilt made up of blocks that challenge and inspire. Overall, the design is harmonious, especially when restricted to 4 or less fabrics. But, on closer inspection, there is much activity. 

The design moves the eye around a central compass that expands out into interconnecting pathways that course and then return back into the centre. This is how I imaged the design when I sketched it and when coloured in just three of four tones, you can really see this connectivity between the blocks. In my example, you see the blue fabric streaming through as a theme. 

I’ve always considered Hazel to be a quilt of travel and journey, so perhaps the blue is a fitting tribute to water or sky or both, depending on what fabrics you personally opt for.
Hazel: 88 x 105 inches
Back in 2016, I released Hazel & Little Hazel as my free yearly BOM. Both BOMs finished in 2016, however the pattern is for both sizes is now finally available for sale. When you purchase either Hazel or Little Hazel, you get access to both patterns (so there's no need to buy both if you are undecided!).

Hazel & Little Hazel Full PDF Pattern
$19.95 USD

What you need to know:
Payment is securely completed via PayPal
You don't need a PayPal account to pay as PayPal also securely processes Credit Card payments 
Pattern downloads are INSTANT and followed up with a live link to your email inbox
Check your email for the follow up email (and check your spam / junk folders if you can't see it)
The pattern will download to your computer directly
You REQUIRE an UPDATED PDF Reader in order to open and print the PDF Pattern

When you receive your download, be sure to SAVE it to your computer.
If you print it directly from the browser download screen, it will not be backed up to your computer. 

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