Saturday 19 May 2018

Falling In Love With 'Oma's Blues' .. Again!

With so many new blog readers suddenly joining me this year (hello and welcome), it's really no surprise that many of my patterns are enjoying a revival. I have to tell you, I'm over the moon about it. I'm so busy that it doesn't even take a year for a pattern to become 'back catalog', so seeing my designs get some love seems only fair! I could work slower.. but it's not in my nature. I feel like I have so many designs to release, I simply can't stop now. So, these 'revivals' and spikes in popularity are really music to my ears.

Oma's Blues is one of my quilts getting some love and attention just lately and honestly, I'm not surprised. I mean, who doesn't love a blue and white quilt?

Oma's Blues is the only blue and white quilt I have. I knew when I designed it that it would have to be special because when it comes to two colour quilts, red and white has stolen my heart. Still, I knew my design collection would not be complete without a loving ode to Delft Tableware.

I designed Oma's Blues with Delft in mind. My childhood is hemmed in with memories of being seated at a table full of Delft and of cabinets laden with the beautiful heirloom pieces. It's been a sadness to me that I didn't inherit any of those childhood pieces. Thinking back, I really have no idea what happened to them. They live on in my memory now.. and of course in Oma's Blues.
I love this centre, surrounded by charm plates
and the borders add a touch of piecing to balance out all the applique. 
Together, the pieced blocks represent stacked dishware and I love the overall look.
Like most of my quilts, I need better pictures, but you can see here that this is a quilt ready for hanging. My own Oma is currently rolled up, but it belongs on a wall and when I next change over my dining room, that's where it will take pride of place. I'm even selecting dinnerware to match. Because, why not?
Oma's Blues is perfect for Groups and Sewing Bees. 
You can purchase the pattern on a monthly basis - this means you get your download link delivered to your email at the same time each month. As you're making the blocks, you can check through my Oma's Blues Archive listed at the top of this blog. It lists ALL my Oma's Blues related posts so you can 'stitch along' with me, back when I was creating my own blocks. 

There's also an Oma's Blues Facebook Group where you can meet up (or arrange to meet up) with others at a regular time to share pics, ideas and friendship. Or you can share you progress in my main Facebook BOM Group. Whatever suits you best. 


Monthly Payment

The pattern is just $4.95 USD per month
delivered to your email address each month, for 10 months

Start any time - you will receive your block at the same time, each month

The date of your monthly delivery will depend on the date you first paid. For example, if you join on the 11th of the month, you will receive your next installment on the 11th of the following month, and so on. Your subscription starts at Part 1. Individual parts cannot be purchased out of turn. 


Complete Pattern (NO BOM)
buy and receive the complete pattern at once (no monthly installments)

You may buy the complete pattern outright. This is not a BOM and you will receive the complete pattern via instant digital download, allowing you to make the pattern at once. 

The pattern is just $49.95 USD


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  1. Love this quilt of yours and it matches very well with the Delft bleu... So sorry that you not have just one piece of it... But the quilt is a great herritage for your children... To remember the Dutch roots...

    I add a link but noticed afterwarts that it's only for pictures of the design... would you pleace delete it.

    Have a nice day... Willeke
    from The Netherlands


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