Tuesday 20 February 2018

BOM 2018: Morning Glory, Ziggity Zaggity URGH!

 Look at this! My Zig Zags don't match my pattern.. 
and they're over sized when I put down on my background fabric by a whole unit
 What happened?!
 I prepped all the pieces accurately and they look completely gorgeous
But in my 'zen sewing' frenzy, I didn't realize that I was sewing the WRONG EDGES together.
When I get into a 'sewing zone' all sorts of things can happen, but I never thought I'd sew the wrong edges together. URGH!
Look at this perfect point..
 what a shame that it's all wrong!
 I can't believe I just wasted a whole day's sewing.
The pattern is fine, this error is all mine. 
I should have paid attention to which edges I was sewing together.
I simply picked them up by my eye.. and started sewing..
 And this is the moment I realized my edges weren't working. I picked up a prepped piece from the stack and realized I had sewn the wrong edges together.
This is what trouble looks like..
And of course, I have gone and sewn them ALL wrong. 

Ok, now I need a little lie down.

Option wise, I could just use the rows I have now. It's bigger than it's supposed to be, but it still looks great and no one will probably ever know, except that I know .. and can't stand it.
I can unpick all these rows and resew them. Or I can make them again.

I'll look at my fabrics and see if I have enough to start again. Otherwise, I'll unpick.

Morning Glory is my current paid BOM. It's an applique and pieced quilt. 

You can start this BOM today! 

Simply click the quilt image to learn more.


  1. What a treasure you are to share your MISTAKES with us. If the mighty Esther can make such an error, we should certainly forgive ourselves for not reaching perfection every time. Thanks for your candor.

  2. Oh dear - how frustrating. I would probably through everything in the corner and sit and cry! But I'm sure you will be much more sensible and work out a solution.

  3. Oh Esther I can so relate! Working on On My Window Flowers Bloom I sewed the leaves and stems and vase so happy with the way things were going. Laid it out to place the flowers and had sewn a big crease into it. Sigh! Unpicked it telling myself it was all for a good reason. I am so pleased with the first panel. Yes I learn so much making these mistakes. The Second Panel is almost done, and it has a few wobbles in it and I did make an error but wasn't going to unpick all the stems and leaves so
    readjusted the last few to cover up the mistakes. I really enjoy your patterns - thank you so much.

  4. I can't believe you are so calm about it. I would have lost half my hair by now. I'm sorry for your frustration and I wish you a happy stitching day today!

  5. I can feel your pain, oh wait, I have felt your pain, and being me, a girl who barely buys enough fabric, unpick - unpick - unpick.

  6. Oh no! I can relate too! I'm spending this sewing year working on six UFOs and so far, each one contains pieces that have been sewn together wrong, not using a true 1/4" seam, and using thick, thick thread. So I've bought the best seam ripper and I can find and I've been ripping away and re-sewing these past two months. These UFOs were at the beginning of my quilting 'career' eight years ago, so at least I can see how very far I've come which makes me happy! And I'm loving the results so far - they're going to be something I'm very proud of once they're completed. I know your Morning Glory is going to be just as lovely as all of your quilts. Your color palette is amazing!!!!

  7. We have all had days like that, Esther. You don’t need to sew it right the first time — you only need to sew it right the LAST time. I wish I had a seam ripper that could undo mistakes in REAL life, like the things I wish I hadn’t said, the donuts I shouldn’t have eaten... ;-)


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