Saturday 17 February 2018

BOM 2018: Morning Glory Pounce Update

You know how I discussed using pounce last week, as a technique to trace my pattern onto my dark background? Well, the wheel I used above is a tad too thick, and makes a messy outline, below. I really liked the firm puncture holes, but it seems that I could have easily used a smaller puncture wheel for a neater line. So don't worry if you can't find an old model like mine. I know lots of you contacted me asking after the gauge.

The other update I have is my technique. I actually 'patted' the paper which resulted in strong transfer, you really only need to 'swipe' over the paper. Again, I just over did it.

Perhaps I'm just so keen that I got carried away with myself!

Anyhow, it doesn't matter and I'm not bothered enough to iron it out and start again, I'm just reflecting on the fact that it could have been neater.
And now that I'm all traced out, the real fun can begin!

Morning Glory is my current paid BOM. It's an applique and pieced quilt. 

You can start this BOM today! 

Simply click the quilt image to learn more.

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  1. What a great idea to transfer the pattern to fabric. I do this for quilting, but hadn't thought of it for this sort of work!! Who knew!!


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