Wednesday, 11 January 2017

WOW: Sorting Out My Sketchbooks

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays
I'm sorting out my design sketchbooks. With a new BOM coming on the 15th, I like to put my notes in order and move on, design wise. The image above is not the new BOM, it's just a random page as I glue down my design ideas. Here's what I designed when I thought up Gracie:
and after I release each pattern, I come back and glue in the actual finished quilt. Sometimes they are the same, sometimes they have evolved into something quite different. 
I've received lots of emails asking if I will release another BOM this year? - yes!
For now, all I will say is this: this year there will be something for everyone. First up will be the Free BOM which will be released, as always on the 15th of the month. So stay tuned. It's only next week :)

Are You Ready For My New Free BOM?


  1. looking forward to seeing what comes on the 15th.

  2. No wonder your designs are so incredible Esther, the work you do prior to the finished design is a challenge in it self so many hrs of designing and planning. Then all the drafting to make the pattern for others to follow you are an amazingly generous quilter. Thanks you for sharing. Glenda

  3. such beautiful sketches, so wonderful to see the beginnings of such beautiful creations.

  4. I may be interested in your new BOM. It depends on what you reveal next week so I will stay posted. What are the rules and how do you join? You can find me at

  5. I wish you could do a program at our quilt guild, but yeah, that would be a lot more than our guild could afford to bring you to the US LOL

    I'm still not seeing coding for a button for this linky. If you have one, could you please send it to me? I accidentally deleted the coding I had from my file!


  6. So far I have been a lurker, but your designs are SO BEAUTIFUL... How would you describe the skill level of your new BOM? I loved Love Entwined but knew it would not be a practical choice for an "adventurous beginner" like me!


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