Sunday 8 January 2017

Stash Busting the 2017 Way

January just continues to be super hectic! Today was my 42nd Wedding Anniversary, so we all celebrated with a family lunch. Unfortunately, today's lunch (just like Christmas and New Year's) happened during a stinking heatwave so we all stayed indoors and kept cool with the air con on.
My New Year's fabric resolution is to make a new tablecloth for every family occasion. That should give me 10 this year. And today was a good time to put my plans into action. I've been trying to make this cut of fabric into a tablecloth for years, and even thought I would create a table runner as a compromise when there wasn't enough to cover the table completely.
But then I found this speckled gold which perfectly matches the shades in the print so added it to the sides. There was just enough and I had less than an inch left over, so I'm very happy with my make-do cover. Now I'm keeping an eye out for the dusty dark teal that shows up throughout the print for some napkin rings and place settings for hot pots, and I'll be done.
I'm also planning on making at least 4 table runners this year, to run the whole length of the table during the week when I don't have a tablecloth down. With so much beautiful fabric on my shelves, I can't believe I haven't got around to doing this already.

Although I will mainly be stash busting, for our next family event I have my heart set on making a tablecloth from a fabric print with large fish on it. I'm after a Kaffee Fassett style and am sure I have seen such a fabric in his range in the past, so I've been looking for it online and hope to get it done before the end of February. 
As for the rest of my day, it was lovely.
There were flowers (of course, I always love an excuse to receive flowers!) and a trifle. I don't really understand trifles, basically they are cakes soaked in jelly topped in cream. Nevertheless, this one was delicious. And my DH and I even got a custom heart design to celebrate our Anniversary!
I like to change over all the quilts in my house each January, but I've been so hot and bothered this month so far, that I haven't given my yearly switch over much thought. Perhaps it will have to become a bi-annual thing!


  1. Congratulations om your wedding day and strengt with the heat. Greetings ineke from the Netherlands

  2. Happy Anniversary Esther, happy to hear you had a lovely day. What a nice way to use such a pretty print, you always have such great fabric!

  3. Congratulations on your 42nd Anniversay - a great achievement!! And congrats too on your lovely table cloth, such stunning fabric.

  4. Happy 42nd Anniversary to you and your husband! beautiful flowers and lovely dessert! Love the tablecloth and what a good idea to have fabulous ones for all the different days! love the fabric. from Iowa

  5. G'day Esther,
    Perhaps you could consider changing your quilts on June 30 (when it is nice and cool) for a New (Financial) Year update!?
    And, Congrats on the Anniversary - Cheers Wendy

  6. Congratulations on your 42nd Anniversary. Wishing you and you're husband another 42 years with love and health.... The flowers are lovely!

    Here in the Netherlands it is winter. Funny that you've to stay inside because the weather is to hot...

  7. Congratulations Esther!
    A tablecloth is a great way to enjoy getting out the fabrics! I enjoy doing that myself!
    Enjoy all the delicious things Summer there has to offer!
    Take care,

  8. I know I am late Esther but Happy Anniversary and many more happy returns to the day:))))))))))) Love Ute :)


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