Tuesday 24 January 2017

Love Entwined by Mary Chartier

Mary Chartier of Connecticut, USA has created a majestic Love Entwined with a dark background and bright fabrics. What a story this fabric combination creates! There's something so alluring about a dark background and the use of colour really makes the quilt flow as the eye keeps moving, keen to take in all the wonderful detail.
Every LE is as unique as it's maker, thank you Mary for sharing your wonderful quilt with us. 

Don't forget, when you've finished your own LE quilt or project, there's a special spot waiting for you in our LE gallery. It's still early days yet with many of us taking our time to complete this heirloom beauty, so the gallery will always be around. 

And if you're still working on LE, as many of us are, we have an LE Facebook Group dedicated to supporting each other. It's free to join, see you there!


  1. Mary's quilt is a masterpiece.

  2. This takes my breath away! Your LE is stunning, Mary! And, another BIG thank you to Esther for making it all possible! <3


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