Tuesday 17 January 2017

Diamond Hill: Colour Ideas

You know me, indecisive to distraction. And whilst I always encourage everyone else to try different colorways, it's better for me to just stick with the first original idea because too many choices leave me battling non stop second guessing. But, in the interests of Diamond Hill, I did try it out a few different colour ways just to see how it would look. And what happened? Indecision! I started out with pink and green because I have so much pink and green fabric.
But then I realized I don't have any dark background quilts and I think Diamond Hill looks stunning with a black background, don't you?
But let's not forget about blues! DH just sings with a navy background and shades of blue blended in
But faded, soft muted tones look so charming too,
but maybe not as charming as dusty pink and muted brown
And you know, every colouring in session needs a wild card - because  I don't know how I ended up with enough peachy salmon to make a quilt, but I did..

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  1. I vote for number one. That black background is stunning. It really draws you in. Just lovely.

  2. The dark color completely changes the look the flowers not the grid become the emphasis. Amazing what a color choice can do

  3. Love the blue one ! I definitely have a thing for blue!

  4. Thank You Esther, I really wanted to see large photo's to help me work out my colourway which will be a bit of a combination as once again I am short on the background fabric I want to use. Love all the colourways especially the dark one.

  5. You have drawn me in to your indecisiveness! I thought I had the colors all picked out but now you've got me second guessing. I cannot start on it until I've finished my sewing space clean up so I have a few more days to ruminate.
    Yours area all fabulous though.

  6. I just love this design.... <3


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