Friday 5 February 2016

My 'Little Hazel' Quilt Top

Oh how I wish I had more Fassett fabric to turn my 'Little Hazel' into 'Hazel' but Little Hazel will have to do, and nicely too I think! These colours match my sofa perfectly and Little Hazel is an ideal quilt throw size. Oh I love it, I really do.

Remember, Hazel and Little Hazel are my current FREE BOMs available over in my BOM Group on Facebook (link here) join in and make your own. It's gorgeous, even if I do say so myself.

I'm just thinking about whether to add a tiny slip of green in before finishing off with my print border. I'll decide after looking at it up on my wall for a few days. I think going straight into the print fabric might be too much, but maybe not. I'll see how it settles on my eyes.
But then again, looking at it now below in the image, I do like it. 
Maybe I should stop complicating things and just follow the pattern!
And this is all I have left of this gorgeous Fassett print. I'm so pleased to have it off the stash shelf and on the design wall in blocks I'm going to get so much use out of
Phew! With the top done now, I can focus on a guilt free delicious adventure in fun - of course I'm talking about Sweet 2016 and if you haven't joined my Mystery Applique BOM - then why ever not?! It's only $3.95 per month and I can tell you, it's fabulous! Think of it as a monthly fabric party. I'm mixed delicious up with gorgeous and turned it into a monthly surprise. Go on, treat yourself.

You can join my BOM Group my clicking here now. It's full of fabulous, talented women sharing their work, ideas and inspirations as they make my quilt patterns. Join us and our friendly, supportive community today. 

Wait until the 15th of each month and download the available pattern right here directly on my blog. The choice is yours. My old Yahoo Group has closed due to limitations on the platform. If you haven't come over to the new group, now is a good time.


  1. Gorgeous, Esther! I like your idea of the tiny slip of green. Either way, it is stunning.

  2. Wow, the top looks BEAUTIFUL, Esther :-)

  3. Wow!

    I've got the first month's made in some fabric I had been saving for a special project. Looking forward to the February release!

  4. I too like the little plain green "stop" border. I think it sets up the outer fabric/border to shine without detracting from the center.

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  6. is what I want to know!
    What is that intriguing palamore doing on your design wall?
    Are you working on something special for us?

    I love the Kaffe fassett fabric. I love Little Hazel. I am an appliquer and my piecing never "measures up".


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