Monday 15 February 2016

Macaroon Madness!

Oh boy, sometimes I wonder if the 'wonders of technology' are worth all the bother..and then I remember that mostly, it's been good to me and helped me connect with extraordinary people from all over the world who I otherwise wouldn't have met. And after a cup of coffee and moment to consider whatever tech based nuisance has bothered me, I come back to deciding that mostly, it's good. Mostly.

Yesterday I launched my 'Sweet 2016 Mystery BOM' and today I decided that it was a macaroon kind of day. I thought up this Mystery to be a monthly dose of fabric fun and today, I sure needed some of that myself so it seemed the perfect time to make my block.

I decided on macaroons as the first installment because it's a nice introduction and one of the easier blocks. Really, it's all about colour play and working out what fabrics you're going to love feasting your eyes on. Speaking of feasting, are these macaroons tempting or what? But never mind the sugar laden loveliness, how nice is this floral background I dug out of my stash?!

Well, you know my 'issues' with fabrics and backgrounds, don't you? And yes, It's happened all over again. I'm torn with indecision! I purchased these fabrics below specifically for Sweet 2016 along with the grey chambray I'm using as the fabric for my 'silver' cake domes. I'm happy with my grey chambray domes and won't be changing them - although I can definitely see them looking fabulous in a hot pink, brass or dark brown colour - not that I need any suggestive ideas!

I really can see this working...
but what about this sweet pink stripe option? 
they both work in their own way - and both completely change the mood of the mystery
see what I mean?!
And see what happens when I introduce this shady green? So many choices!
Luckily I'm finding it easy to let go of (even though I do love it) because of that old adage to never team green with food. I happen to agree with this so will reluctantly unpin if from my design wall. 

But I can't over look the perfect partnership of a dusty faded cocoa background - I mean, it just makes sense, doesn't it?
I don't have to tell you that I'm suffering from too many background options. You could say I was spoilt for choice. But I have 11 blocks to go until the mystery completes so I will keep playing around with my applique blocks until I have to make a final decision at the end. I think that by that stage, the sweets will call out the background they want and I'll just let the quilt decide and do a final audition at that point. 

So let's get back to how I made the macaroons. I had all these ideas of water coloured dusty tones, but in the end, fabric from the stash called me...and pretty much selected itself!
I simply drew in the cake dome fringe detail with permanent marker. Actually I had an idea in mind to use a strip of fancy lace as an embellishment - but couldn't find the lace I had in mind. When I'm ready, I will hand stitch in some small beads to add some interest to the dome fringes, but I haven't decided whether to do it now or last, when all the domes are complete. I'll see how I go.

I had planned on making the whole quilt in raw edge applique with an idea to decorative stitch around all the lines at the end on my sewing machine. But I changed my mind at the last minutes. What can I say? I love the turn edge technique so much - and am so fast at it now that it pretty much happens without me thinking. Before I could 'remember' to raw edge, I'd already turned my applique, so decided to stick with it.
And now the real fun begins. Here are my macaroons in position on my pattern sheet. I mark the direction of the fabric (because I knew I'd use prints)
see how easily these come together?
they nearly make themselves
and as I'm not stitching anything down right now, 
tiny dabs of Elmer's School Glue keep my applique in place
my first macaroon
Yes, I made more. I couldn't help myself. I always make a few more of anything I applique when I make a quilt. Usually I do it to have some spares, but I already have some extra fun projects in mind to throw in when the mystery completes, so if you do make more or have some delicious fabric you feel you simply must make - do it and them set these extras aside. I have a feeling they'll come in handy.

And that is Part 1, completed. Remember not to stitch the Part 1 block onto your background - even if you have decided on your background fabric. By all means, pin it in place and admire. You'll be adding blocks each month as the mystery goes on and will stitch everything done once complete. 

Now, I quite fancy a macaroon myself. I may have to dig out a recipe..

'Sweet 2016' is my current Mystery Applique BOM
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  1. Gorgeous!
    What fun colour choices! This is going to be a good challenge!

  2. So cute!!! I have my first batch ready to applique - much easier than baking them :)
    Will there be a separate FB page for the project?

    1. Yes! There already is, it's called the 'Sweet 2016 Mystery Applique Quilt Along' and here's a direct link, see you there!

  3. So you have trouble making decisions too? Does that mean that you might be a Libra like me?
    It is so interesting seeing how the different backgrounds change the look of your lovely block. Can I come by for afternoon tea soon?

    1. Oh I'm a Scorpio, so I shouldn't be this indecisive. I blame the fabric, it's all too beautiful!

  4. love your macaroons....and the tutorial is great!


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