Tuesday 20 October 2015

Valerie Harmer's Love Entwined

Valerie Harmer saw Love Entwined on my blog and decided that she needed a challenge. Well, I think she succeeded! But let me tell you how - this stunning quilt you are looking at is hand sewn (applique), hand embroidered and hand quilted. What a feat!

And it just won:  Mixed Techniques: 1st Prize at the Queensland Quilter's Quilt and Craft Show

This incredible heirloom will be going to a grandchild. She's made all her children quilts upon their marriages and is continuing the tradition for her grandchildren in turn (she has 10!).

I'm in awe of her workmanship and just so in love with this beauty. Thank you Valerie for sharing your images with all of us. We all love seeing the work, time and passion that goes into making Love Entwined and I'm grateful to you for being generous to share it with us all to swoon over.

This quilt will be added to the Love Entwined Gallery so it can be enjoyed alongside other LE's as and when they're made. If you've made LE, please consider sharing it with us all via the gallery.

Details on how to do this are listed on my website, click here for the link.

Personally, I'm surprised that so many LE's are starting to appear all over the world - you all work so fast! I must have the most talented quilt readers on the internet.
 The joy of sharing beautiful quilts
thank you for sharing your quilt Valerie :) 


  1. It's so beautifull. I am speechless. Thank you for sharing.

  2. so awesome it makes me want to get my center block back out and start working on it now that I am home from traveling again - it puts me to shame here I am not even done with my center vases and bouquets still

    1. I feel the same way, Karen. I also put my center block away without finishing it. This is SO inspirational

  3. Oh my gosh, that quilt is A MAZING!!!

  4. Esther - Thank you for sharing! Can you tell us something about the quilting that's being done on the LE's? Is it outline quilting?

  5. Spectacular! A real beauty. Each one I have seen have been awesome.

  6. another truly beautiful creation...

  7. Her quilt is gorgeous she must be so proud.. Sure wants me to get going on mine.


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