Sunday 11 October 2015

Fixing Necklines

Although I have the skills to make my own clothes, the fact is, I'd rather be quilting. So, the only thing that gets me behind a machine clothing wise is alterations for my DH (re-attaching that irritating loop on jackets that he insists on using!) and shirts for myself. Quilting fabric is just too lovely not to turn into a shirt or 5 and of course, my collars. My favourite collar is my Kaffee Fassett collar which I added to an otherwise neglected black jumper. Now, I wear it all the time. That is the allure of wearing quilting fabric. Well, I have this top and I love the print but when I sit down or reach over, the neckline gapes and exposes me. I was considering buying a second top and cutting it up for the matching fabric, but it's been a while since I purchased it now and it's no longer available.

So, I've been hunting for the right shade of blue. Well, I found it at last and finally added a collar to this shirt. I'm in two minds whether or not this works. I think collars make everything better and they certainly do a lot for me, but I may have reached my first exception. I  hope I haven't ruined the whole thing. Right now, it feels a bit, well, ugly. I don't know. The fact is, I couldn't wear this top without some kind of add-age so I might just live with it regardless.

I had no one around to snap me in my new red shirt, but I can tell you it's finished and it looks just fine, I'm really happy with it.
With just 10 weeks to Christmas, I think it's about time to get my popular pattern 12 Days of Christmas back up in my shop. I took it down to fix a typo...and somehow forgot about it! I'll be getting my patterns Christmas ready, even if I'm not.

And I'm not.

10 weeks feels like tomorrow to me.


  1. Looks nice Esther, perhaps instead of a collar a scalloped edge or something other than the collar? I agree that it needs something, but I think the collar is a bit much with the print. Just my thoughts but I like your idea.

  2. I think the blue looks very nice. Thank you for all the wonderful quilt patterns you share. I appreciate them even if I don't get them appliqued and pieced. Blessings, Gretchen

  3. You are so clever with the collars Esther, what a difference to the top, looks great !

  4. It solves the problem gives you another quick top to pop on and lets you get on with quilting LOL Well after all that I like it, it brings the blue out in the main blouse. Stay with it and go play with your Xmas design. Cheers Glenda


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