Friday 30 October 2015

Proper Care & Storage Of Sewing Needles

When I was a girl, I used to store my favourite sewing needles on the collar of the blouse I was wearing. Now that I'm teaching a children's class in hand sewing, I decided that the perfect end of term gift would be a a sewing case for each child. They're about to progress to real sewing needles now (advancing from plastic needles) so the timing is perfect.
I purchased this fabric 15 years ago and at that stage you can see it had already been waiting around in someone elses stash. In fact, I do wonder how many stashes it's been in since 1988?! I'm quite pleased that it's being put to good use after all these years.
 I really like that it's the perfect template for my little cases, it even has a 'spine', it's stash busting serendipity :)
I've used bright fabrics for the insides and batting for the needles
I love the applique design style animals, its a little nod to my passion for quilting
Hmmmm, feels like it's missing something...
...and it was! After these photos were taken, I stitched button holes and added a button on front - and then it felt 'just right'. I hope the class likes them.


  1. what a lovely thing to do! They'll always remember you :)

  2. what a nice thing to do - they are so cute and the children will really like them I bet - a keepsake from their sewing class!

  3. Oh Esther they will LOVE them, what a wonderful teacher you must be to these future quilters may be? and how they will treasure their gifts and remember it was you that set them on the road to sewing. Cheers Glenda

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