Friday 18 September 2015

Quilting Oma's Blues

I can hardly believe I'm up to this point of progress. Today I'm selecting which thread colour to quilt with and then it's just a matter of getting Oma quilted.
My favourite thread is Aurifil but my Bernina 820 doesn't like it, so I'm not yet sure which machine I'll actually quilt on or what thread I'll finally settle on. 
This is my quilting sampler below, it's just a quilt sandwich that I 'scribble' on, I always warm up my machine and try out ideas from my 'quilt map' before getting started on the actual quilt, free hand.

Here I go...


  1. I can't tell you how much i'm enjoying your oma's blue! [even though i'm not up to working on it yet] thank you for sharing your work and giving me so much to look forward to.

  2. Dear Esther

    Bernina machines love Marathon 40 weight rayon embroidery thread in the bobbin and on top of the machine for freemotion machine quilting. It stays soft like silk and glide and quilt like melted butter. It is what I use. All I can say is with doing machine embroidery, it was an accidental discovery. My machine just would not quilt with the thread I had on hand one day. I needed a specific colour. I took the matching colour for the top, the matching colour for the back, dropped the feeddogs and did a practice piece. The two colours stayed on their sides of the quilt. Not once showing through on the wrong side. Since then I use this thread for machine quilting.


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