Wednesday 11 September 2013

WOW: Bits & Pieces

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WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays
I'm still working away on my shirts, it's all details and taking care at the right points to get a good finish, so I'm working at my own pace; I bet you're all sick of seeing my shirts by now!
I have a short attention span so I am always working on several projects at once: this always looks like I am working away at the same thing for a long time when really, I'm working away at bits of it, and then I end up with several things finished all at once.
I like to have The Quilt Show chatting away as I sew, and that's what I'm watching on my tablet just in front of my machine. During interesting bits I usually pause sewing just so I don't miss anything! What are your 'sewing zone' habits?
I finally unpacked my new Bernina from its box a few months ago. I'd been waiting years for a new machine, and when it arrived simply didn't have a chance to properly unpack and play with it. It sounds almost unbelievable even typing that, as someone who loves her machines, but its true. It's been sitting around for a whole year, waiting for me to get around to familiarising myself with it.
I'm making a start now as I intend to stitch all of LE on this new machine. But I'm not thinking about that just yet as I am currently searching for a good machine to take around to workshops. Something reliable and robust as it's for classes only. I thought it would be easy to pick up such a machine, but after spending all day yesterday hunting through eBay, I really haven't found anything suitable. They're all too basic or too advanced / expensive for what I need to use them for. I'm working my way out of all these bits and pieces today.
 What's Your WOW ?


  1. I download audio books from my local library. I find it nice to have someone read to me while I sew!

  2. Esther, I too have a new machine. My last one was secondhand but for the last 7 years it has not missed a beat. My new Brother has been unpacked and I used it for some stitching on the LE quilt but I am still using the old faithful for my last quilting project. This is your quilt Manor House from a magazine. I am nearly finished the quilting. I only have the sashing to quilt & the binding to do. I would like to post a picture of it on your blog when finished as I am taking it to Christchurch NZ to give to my Brother & wife. I have loved doing it. Patricia Shipley

  3. appreciate the WOW site - each week it is so nice to come and look at everyone's work

  4. I do as Susan, I download audiobooks. It is so relaxing. Congratulations on you new Bernina, Hope it works OK for you. I have a Bernina 830 and it is really driving me crazy every time I try to free motion quilt. Maybe it is just me, not the machine. It intends to skip stitches. Looking forward hearing how yours works. Thank you for this WOW every Wednesday. I love looking at all these blogs and specially yours.

  5. I'm not tired of reading about your shirts. I can't wait to see them finished! Thanks for hosting WOW.

  6. I have become a Netflix junkie. I watch several episodes every evening while sewing away. I too have several projects going that I often repeat blogging about to show progress. Looking forward to seeing your finished shirts. I used to make many garments but have gotten away from it. Thanks for hosting your Linky party and congrats on the new Bernina.


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