Thursday, 5 September 2013

Do *You* want to see the coverlet? Please Comment!

Update: Sat, 7 Sept 2013.
Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to comment on this post. I have been touched by everything you've said. The original coverlet has really got under our skin. We yearn to see and know more about it. I know there are thousands of you who are interested in this quilt; so many of you have joined my BOM Group or emailed me about it. If you have any interest in this quilt, please leave a comment on this post.

The Power of Love:
the ‘Fine Marriage Coverlet’ has been FOUND

This quilt will not be forgotten to time, this quilt will not be lost to our legacy and heritage. We looked for it, we called out for it…and it answered us.
We Did It!
The ‘fine marriage coverlet’ wanted to be found, it wanted to be remembered and it wanted to be loved. There’s no other way I can explain my journey which started by looking at its image 12 years ago to now. There’s no other way I can explain the interest, enthusiasm and devotion shown by thousands of quilters all over the world for this coverlet and it’s, as yet unknown, maker. Every step of this journey has been infused with love. I have certainly grown to love this quilt and I know many of you are in love with it too.

I always knew it was a significant quilt, yet I couldn’t understand why no one had looked for it, to the best of my knowledge, before me. How could that be? No matter what I did, I couldn’t forget about it. And I know many of you were thinking about it too. Together we revived interest in finding this quilt and together we did it.
WOW! Talk about the power of Quilters!

What I can tell you: the quilt is privately owned through purchase and the current owner is in the UK. The current owner wishes to remain anonymous.

If you have been privately seeking this quilt, thank you for your efforts, please stop now. We have a contact in the UK who has the most up to date and accurate information regarding this quilt and is currently researching the quilt and if she finds any extra history on it, she will post updates of such progress here on this blog.
What now?
I will be printing and binding all my posts on this quilt and having them passed onto the current owner so that this chapter in the quilt’s story is documented.

So if there’s anything you want to say to the current owner, please say so in the comment section of this post.

It will be printed and passed on. I am appealing to the current owner to release images of the quilt for us all to enjoy and /or to exhibit the quilt publicly. Of course, we can only ask, the final decision belongs to the owner and we must graciously respect that decision, whatever it may be.

The quilt is privately owned and we cannot know if we will ever have another opportunity to ask to see it. If you have any interest in this quilt, please comment.
The time to make your heartfelt plea is now.
I’m so happy to share this significant progress with you all and I’m looking forward to reading your comments.


  1. Dear Owner,

    This is a very special quilt which has spoken to me and touched my heart; I would be so grateful and personally satisfied if I was able to view this quilt in person.

    I appeal to you, please exhibit this quilt in the UK.

    I feel that there is something we must discover about the clearly remarkable woman who made this quilt. This can only happen if interest in the quilt is maintained. The first part of the journey has been in reviving interest in the quilt, this has been accomplished. Now, the many quilters who have started this journey, yearn to see the original.

    Please allow us to do so.

    I understand that you are the owner and respect your wishes and ultimate decision.

  2. It would be absolutely wonderful to see this historic quilt in an exhibition. The work on it is so beautiful and intricate, that it deserves to be admired and studied by today's quilters, as an homage to the quilter who made it so long ago. All we have now is the black and white photo, and it would be a once in a lifetime event to be able to see this in colour!

  3. To the owner of the quilt, I have been following Esther's blog and the extraordinary work she has done to revive this quilt. I shall be making her reproduction of the quilt once I am back in the UK and if I could also see the original that would be absolutely amazing. Please allow the quilt to be exhibited or at least photographed in colour so that we can all see the beauty of this work of art. I am sure the Royal College of Needlework or someone similar would be only too happy to look after the best interests of the quilt while it was on display or being photographed. The quilt is part of our heritage and I hope that you will feel that you can share it with the rest of the world. Yours faithfully Linda Leach.

  4. Dear owner, I understand and respect your desire for anonimity. However, I strongly feel that the quilt and its maker (if known) deserve to be on the stage, either through professional photographs,allowing us to see the colours and details of the work, and/or at an exhibition. Please take the love for and admiration of this quilt by hundreds of quilters worldwide into consideration when pondering your decision.

    Marlies, Netherlands

  5. Hi, I'm Marijke from the Netherlands It would be a dream to see the quilt with my one eyes.
    Now it is a guess what colours she has and what fabric she is made of.
    And also I wish I could see the quilting stitches.
    groetjes van Marijke (The Netherlands)

  6. Dear Coverlet Owner,

    The original quilt maker put their heart and soul in making this most wonderful quilt. It would be an honor and privilege to be able to view the dedicated work of such a talented person.
    With wishes and respect please consider allowing a viewing and study of your quilt.

  7. Dear owner of the absolutely beautiful Wedding Coverlet, I have fallen in love with it. I would love to see a color picture of it and it would help me to pick out colors for my own quilt. It would be great to have a little background history of the Wedding coverlet, please share with us, and ou don't have to give any of us your name. Hugs Turtle, Florida, USA

  8. Dear Owner,
    My name is Rhyl and I live in Brisbane, Australia. Along with many of the 4000+ members of Esther's group, I'm making my version of this wonderful quilt. I can never hope to see this quilt in person but I would love to see photographs of the elements of the quilt. Having recently viewed quilts of a similar age in an exhibition, I am in awe of the design and needlework skills of ladies from this era. I sincerely thank Esther for everything she has done to bring this quilt alive for new generations of quilters.

  9. This beautiful quilt has aroused such strong feelings around the world with so many people making their own version, it is wonderful for us to know that it still exists today. For all of us, and particularly Esther who has drawn up her pattern of it, to see the real thing, or at least colour photos of it, would be fantastic. Celia in S. Oxfordshire, England

  10. Dear coverlet owner,
    I am asking you to please make quilters all over the world happy by releasing a color picture of your coverlet. It is so beautiful even in black and white. I dream of what it would look like in color. Thank you for reading my request. You own a treasure!
    Sincerely, Judy Hansen of Williamsburg, Virginia

  11. I,like many others, would love to see this quilt and learn more about it.
    I totally respect the owner's right to anonymity and love that they are cherishing the quilt privately.
    I also believe though,that even though we cherish these historical items privately, be it old houses, furniture, china or quilts etc, that they are all part of our common history in the UK and further, and if feasible they should touch as many lives as possible.
    Hope that seeing the interest generated will help to enable this.

  12. Dear Coverlet owner, I fully understand just why you and your family wish to remain anonymous and respect your wishes, but please allow this part of the quilting heritage of the UK just to be photographed once under strictly controlled circumstances by historical textile professionals. Nearly 4000 quilters world-wide are making their own versions of this design which will also become family heirlooms . The lady who originally made the coverlet was so skilled and it would be wonderful to see the colours she used.
    Elma in Lochwinnoch, Scotland

  13. dear owner of this very fine marriage Coverlet, These are Esther's words.
    The ‘fine marriage coverlet’ wanted to be found, it wanted to be remembered and it wanted to be loved. There’s no other way I can explain my journey which started by looking at its image 12 years ago to now. There’s no other way I can explain the interest, enthusiasm and devotion shown by thousands of quilters all over the world for this coverlet and it’s, as yet unknown, maker. Every step of this journey has been infused with love. I have certainly grown to love this quilt and I know many of you are in love with it too.
    I could not believe the interest/love this quilt generated immediately Esther showed only a black and white photo.
    I am in New Zealand, the far side of the world and this quilt is calling out to me to make my own version.
    Please share with us at least a color photo of the fabulous Heirloom that you own. I don't need to know what the maker means to your family, but I would love to know, this quilt is so wonderful and has drawn so many to it's glory, and it seems to be trying to talk to so many.
    Sincerely yours, jenny Henry from new Zealand
    Thankyou for

  14. Having recently made my interpretation of the Auntie Green Coverlet using Dr. Annette Gero's picture from her book Fabric of Society, I am keen to make the Marriage Coverlet too, perhaps starting next year. To see the original would be absolutely wonderful.

  15. Dear Coverlet owner, thank you very much for acknowledging the existence of the wonderful antique quilt in your posession. Because of Esther Aliu's efforts this quilt will be reproduced by quilters all over the world. It would be wonderful to see a photograph of your quilt.
    Sincerely, Edith from the Netherlands

  16. Dear Marriage Coverlet Owner,
    What a wonderful piece of textile art you own! I'm glad to hear that you cherish it, but would ask that please, please, please could you share some images of it, or even allow it to appear on view at some suitable location?
    I am one of thousands of quilters worldwide who is making a quilt based on the pattern of this one. It's wonderful! We are all in love with the interesting design and would be fascinated to learn more and see more of this lovely piece.
    We don't want to compromise your anonymity. We don't want to unduly intrude on your relationship with this piece. We would LOVE to be able to see it!
    Please consider this request, alongside the others made through this blog.
    Many thanks,
    Plum Cox, Twickenham, UK.

  17. Dear owner,

    I'm a Belgian quilter who started to recreate 'Love Entwined'. I'm not able to tell you why this quilt has such an attraction, but you must have felt it also since you were able to purchase it. It is a masterpiece in originality and probably in execution also. I think we are paying a huge tribute to history by acknowledging this fact, and a tremendous humble bowing to the woman who made it under the circumstances of her time. To be able to pay even bigger tribute, it would be fantastic to see this quilt in person or on detailed photo's so to show women of this day and age still want and can honor our ancestors by recreating this work of art without shaming her or history.
    Personally I can tell you that since this journey began, I wake up every single night with this quilt on my mind. I would so much like to see it in real life! And prepared to travel to do so!

  18. It is such an honor to be included in this group and to have the opportunity to do my own interpretation of the Marriage Coverlet with the outstanding help of Esther. I would love to see a photo of the original. I live in Orem, Utah but presently I am visiting in Taipei, Taiwan. Sincerely, Karin Crawford

  19. How happy we are knowing the quilt still does exist, and how wonderful it must be to know for the owners so many quilters all around the world are making their own version based on their quilt and thanks to the work of Esther who has made a pattern. I can only speak for myself but even a few pictures of the original would be great! It must be quite intimidating to receive so many interest in this special quilt, but we all have fallen in love (entwined)
    Ineke Waijers from the Netherlands

  20. Dear Coverlet Owner,
    Thank you so much for preserving this quilt! I think it's a very special quilt.
    From the moment I set eyes upon it, on Esther Aliu's blog, I fell in love with it!
    To know that it was made in 1790 as a Marriage Coverlet; to see all the beautiful work (although in a black and white photograph..) that was put in to it; it had to be made with such a love and devotion, it leaped right into my heart!
    I'm so grateful that Esther Aliu draw this pattern and gave to us for free(!!), so that quilters all over the world would feel its love and see its beauty!
    And with every stitch I make, I love it more and feel a deeper admiration for the person who created such a wonderful piece of art.
    I would really ask you to let this quilt be seen to the world! Please, let its beauty and love spread her light to all of us!
    We would be so tremendously grateful to you!
    Again: thanks very much for preserving this quilt!!
    We love you for it!!!!
    A warm thank you from
    Ria Vogelzang,
    Ommen, the Netherlands.

  21. Dear Owner,

    Like many people all over the world we have seen this quilt in black and white since it was published so many years ago in one of the quilting books that sent so many of us into the world of quilting.

    And now people all over the world are making the quilt based on Esther's pattern which she is giving to the world for free. No one is making money out of this enterprise. One day in a couple of years time, those who have managed to stay the course will have their version of this coverlet. None will be the same as each other, nor the original.

    By publishing a colour photo (and close ups) you will bring so much pleasure to so many of us quilting addicts (for an addiction is what we have). I am sure this would not be your primary interest in publishing photos of your wonderful coverlet, but the more there is 'out there' the greater the monetary value it will have.

    Just see the interest in the original Jane Sickle quilt!
    So a very much called for PLEASE on behalf of all the quilters interested in your coverlet.

    Thank you,

    Sally Bramald

  22. I would encourage the new owner of this quilt to share a color photo of it. I fully realize some of the reasons why that person may not want to be publicly known or choose to exhibit the quilt itself but a color photo would encourage the (thousands?) of quilters who are attempting to re-create the quilt. If the reason for not sharing a photo with this group is an intent to make money by publishing the photo elsewhere, I hope that the owner will write an article or include the photo in a book sometime soon. An appreciative audience awaits. Patricia Cummings, Concord, NH

  23. What an honor it would be to see this coverlet as it exists today. To be able to ee the intricate work of its maker, whether in photographs or in exhibition, would be a dream come true!

  24. To see the Marriage quilt would be the icing on the cake. To hear it still excist is just wonderful. I do hope you will be able to arrange this for us Esther, Good luck;))

  25. Dear Esther, it is incredible how many quilters around the world participate in this LE thanks to your dedication and thanks to your free sample! It would be very nice if the owners of this beautiful old quilts would make a photo available and - what else would be much nicer - would exhibit the quilt in a museum and could say a little about the history. I can certainly understand that one avoids such a quilt as an eyeball. But for a few weeks in a museum - guarded - would not that be possible? Dear owner, could you imagine? Many thousands of quilters would be grateful and would also be delighted with the sight!
    Best wishes and good luck to all quilters
    Ursula from Germany

  26. Dear Esther, I understand and respect your desire for privacy. However, I strongly feel that the quilt and its maker (if known) deserve to be on the stage, either through professional photographs or at an exhibition. Please take the love and admiration of this quilt by hundreds of quilters worldwide into consideration when pondering your decision.

  27. Dear Owner!
    I have wondered about this Historical coverlet and am aww struck at the beauty of and wonder about the women who sat for hours creating this beauty. I would be honored to be able to see it in its colorful beauty.
    A lover foe the art of quilting from Canada.

  28. Dear Coverlet owner,
    My journey with this quilt has just started and I hope when it is finished I will have an heirloom to pass on to future generations of our family to love and cherish as you do the original. Your right to remain anonymous is a given but surely the quilt could be photographed by a professional textile photographer and shown to the world of dedicated quilters through Esther's group only if is more acceptable to you. We would love to see in colour the needlewoman's intricate work. Please consider the requests from us all and allow this to happen.
    Patricia Shipley Normanville South Australia

  29. I'd love to hear the story of how the current owner came about owning the quilt. How amazing if we could all find out about the life of the quilt for all it's years. Glad to know it has a home and has survived through time. I could only dream that mine would last so long in time! I would also love to hear how the quilt's owners were found by one of the group's members. That would be interesting as well, and of course it would be wonderful to see a picture!

  30. Dear owner,

    I fully understand just why you and your family wish to remain anonymous and respect your wishes, but please allow this part of the quilting heritage just to be photographed.
    We are making our own versions of this design which will also become family heirlooms . The lady who originally made the coverlet was so skilled and it would be wonderful to see the colours she used.
    Thank you for reading all these mesages.

    Marion, The Netherlands.

  31. I plan to create a personal version of this quilt, and would love to see the original - both for the detail in the quilt, and to see the original fabrics used. I have a tremendous interest in and passion for heirlooms created by our ancestors, and the opportunity to view such a quilt, even in pictures, is incredibly inspiring. Thank you for considering sharing this treasure.

  32. Dear Marriage Quilt Custodian

    I do hope you will generously share your quilt with the quilting community. There are several organisations in the UK who are well qualified to assist in displaying such a treasure and conserving its integrity. It would be a great gift to allow experts and enthusiasts to see this remarkable quilt from the past.
    Judith Scott, Berkshire UK

  33. The beauty of this quilt has inspired legions of quilters around the world to participate in making a similar one of their own. I would travel far to be able to view the original work of art. Please consider sharing the masterpiece.

  34. Dear owner,

    I would LOVE to see color pictures of the quilt. This is a quilt you can't stop thinking about, even in my dreams this quilt keeps popping up. Now making this quilt myself, I can't stop thinking about what color to be used next.
    I think a dream comes true for many, many quilters when photo's will be released.
    Greetings from the Netherlands,

  35. I would love to see a colour photo of this quilt. I would also love to see it exhibited. It is a significant part of the history of women's work. Needlework was important women's work in the past including the 1790s.It is still an important part of the lives of women (although more of a leisure activity especially in the West)This quilt is therefore part of the continuum of women and their work in the past, present and future.
    I also am aware that exhibiting and photographing the quilt may involve a lot of activity, time and decision making for you. Should you decide to do this, I thank you in advance from the bottom of my heart.

  36. Dear quilt owner:- I have never seen such outpouring of love or the growth in the desire to watch a quilt group grow to this magnitude out of the love of one precious marriage coverlet.

    It was meant not only to be shared in it's beauty but to be viewed and I do hope that you will find it in your heart to display this quilt either in a picture or in person at least to Esther, who has worked so hard, in not only trying to recreate the love in this quilt, but to share the love that was meant to go with this masterpiece.

    The marriage quilt is a true story of love and was meant to be found. In this troubled world we live in, if casting our eyes ' only ' on this masterpiece of survival will bring someone joy, I hope you find it in your heart to allow Esther, at least, to view this legacy of love.

    It reminds me of the Acadian love story from the area where we live, |Longfellows " Evangeline. Love expelled and found many years later. It is only now, in our wiser years that these stories that we felt as children were fairy tales are true.

    I admire your privacy with respect to this quilt love,like a circle,never ends and the mariner's compass in the centre has guided the quilt through ESTHER's heart and she has passed this love along to us. Not to sound greedy, but would love to know the love story behind this quilt, it would make a beautiful book and historical movie.

    I will respect your decision, but hope that it will be to share. Esther has been very honest in her approach to your privacy and, if only one person has the opportunity to view this masterpiece, with or without pictures, please allow it to be Esther.

    Linda in Nova Scotia
    Land of Evangeline - Grand Pre'
    Acadian expulsion 1755

  37. Dear Owner,

    I am in Dayton Texas and am also involved in making this lovely quilt with Esther's quilting group It would be so lovely if we could see a color photo of this quilt. I hope you follow our group to see the many wonderful versions that these quilters from all over the world are making. Thank you for your patience.

    September 5,2013

  38. Dear Owner,
    How wonderful for you to own this fabulous coverlet. I'm sure you treasure it and I completely understand your wish to remain anonymous. I am very grateful that you acknowledged ownership of it. If you don't wish for it to be exhibited , I can understand, and being in the US, I would not be able to see it in person. I would respectfully ask that you allow at least pictures to be taken of the coverlet I would dearly love to see the colors and quilting.
    Thank you again for sharing it's continued existence with us.

    Sue in Maryland, USA

  39. Of course we want to see this quilt. The original quilter needs the recognition even if she is no longer with us.

  40. There are so many of us that are intrigued with this quilt. It would be lovely if it could be shared with us and others who would be interested.

  41. To the Coverlet owner: How truly blessed you are to have ownership of such a wonderful piece of history & heritage. Many of Esther's followers have been inspired by her dedication to recreate this amazing coverlet and are now sewing their own quilt based on the original. For many of us even seeing some pictures of the original will finally satisfy our desire to recreate the original using similar colours. For Esther it will be the fulfilment of a dream. I sincerely hope you will be able to generously grant some further details being released so that this amazing piece of quilting history can be shared with quilters worldwide.Thankyou, Carolyn, Australia.

  42. The story of this quilt is quite amazing and touches so many. I do hope that you decide to share pictures of your quilt or to put it on exhibition in the UK (I wouldn't be able to see it in person myself). You are so lucky to own this quilt. Thank you for letting us know it still exists in the world.

  43. It would be wonderful to see a photograph of this amazing work of art and to know more about the fabrics and techniques used in making it. A quilt is a work of love and the quilt maker is an artist. Sharing this quilt with the world would be honoring the quilt maker. As a quilter and a geneaologist I see my quilts as a love letter to the world that I hope will extend to generations.

  44. Dear Owner, The moment I saw Esther's photograph of the coverlet in the book along with her reproduction pattern, I too fell in love. I am overwhelmed by the way this quilt has united a following of quilters literally worldwide who care enough about history to attempt the recreation of this quilt. You do indeed own a treasure and I think the maker of this quilt deserves acknowledgement for the incredible workmanship and dedication the making of this quilt represents. Whatever you decision we will respect your wishes, but please add my heartfelt plea for a photograph or exhibit of this amazing quilt.

  45. Lucky you to own such a beautiful work of art. And lucky for that quilt too, to be so loved by you.

    Please share whatever you are comfortable with and thank you for your consideration. Kind Regards.....Jane

  46. Dear Owner,
    I can only add my appeal to those who have already asked that we be allowed to see this quilt in some contemporary exhibit. I fully understand your wish to remain anonymous, and that wish will be fully respected. All we ask is for an exhibit or photo so that we can view this extraordinary coverlet in its present glory and condition.
    Thank you for your consideration,
    Eileen Keane, Maybrook, NY, USA

  47. To the Owners of the Marriage Coverlet,

    Thank you for your part in the history of this magnificent quilt; for being touched by its beauty, for being compelled to purchase it, for caring for its welfare. It has obviously been lovingly cared for by many hands through the years. Some quilts manage to "speak to us" and the Marriage Coverlet is such a quilt. Even a black and white photograph of it has touched many hundreds of people.

    It is my sincere desire that you will choose to allow this rare example of historical quilts to be photographed in color and/or exhibited so that its legacy can be extended to many more people for many more years.

    Marlene In North Carolina, USA

  48. The maker of the coverlet excelled at the craft, and in fact, it is over the top. I am pleased in just knowing that it is in safe hands. I am anxious to see even a glimpse of this fabulous coverlet. I am in the U.S. and first saw the black and white picture about two or three years ago. One day in the future I will be starting my own version of it.

  49. Dear owner of the marriage coverlet,
    Thank you in advance for reading my post. I would be grateful if I could see this wonderful historic coverlet on a colour photo. At the moment I'm making a reproduction of it, thanks to the maker of the pattern, Esther Aliu. Since the start I have gained so much respect for the person who sewed the marriage coverlet, it is a beautiful design.
    Kind regards,
    Annemieke, the Netherlands

  50. Dear owner,

    many of us have been graving to learn more about the Fine Marriage Coverlet Quilt.
    It would be so kind of you to let us get a little further down our journey with this beautiful project.
    Sylvia Mölls

  51. First, thank you for coming forth and letting Esther know that this quilt still exists, and has been loved and treasured for so many years. The fact that it has been thus treasured shows, I think, in yet another way that it is very special.

    Objects speak. In their own way; but they do speak. This particular quilt has spoken large and loud. The number of people today who are working on their own versions of the original is testament to the vibrance that is inherent in this object.

    As an historian, I have to believe the story behind this quilt and its maker are compelling, and I hope that at least a part of that story is known or can be found out and told. Clearly, the maker was "different" for her time and culture, and that sort of story is very inspiring for all ages. There are not a lot of those kinds of inspiring stories about women from that era. That alone makes this a story worth telling!

    We are all hoping that you will decide to share this quilt with the world, in whatever manner is comfortable for you. We all respect your privacy, and we will all respect your decision.

    Be well,
    McKenna Linn
    Georgia, USA

  52. Dear owner
    Reading all the comments I just have to agree and put my name to the list. I am one of the participants of this project and you would make me very happy if I could see the quilt displayed or at least see a picture of it.

    Many thanks, Marie-Thérèse

  53. To the owners of the Marriage Coverlet
    I sit here with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat trying to understand how you must feel about this sudden interest in your treasure. This quilt has touched the hearts of so many people around the world that it would be truly wonderful for it to be exhibited and/or photographed. This quilt has truly earned its place in history and it would be such a joy to see.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  54. To the Custodian of the 1790 Marriage Coverlet.

    I have known Esther Aliu for many years and have made many of her beautiful original quilts over the years these she has given to the quilting world free always for the first month of publishing them on her site. Esther is a giver not a taker and has been generous with her skills always. Till this year Esther only made original designs but for some reason the Marriage Coverlet has haunted her for over 12 years and finally this year she finished drafting this beautiful quilt from the original black and white photo and called it Love Entwined, within a month of releasing this design our small group grew from 1000 to 2500 now almost 3 months later it is 3986 with new quilters joining every day; there are quilters from over 20 different countries from around the world who are making this alluring quilt.
    There is so much magic around this quilt may be it still wants to stay hidden so not to influence quilters with colour and style?????What ever the answer it is still bringing so much joy to so many quilters and other people who don't quilt ; it is bringing peace to quilters who are suffering family losses and family despair as they sew it beside love ones. It even cheered up two ladies who were about to have Chemo yesterday in the cancer clinic where I was sitting waiting for a friend, I was sewing tiny pieces of the fist Zig Zag border, these two ladies were so intrigued with what I was doing they came over and sat by me to see up close, I had taken my camera with me and so was able to show them the Love Entwined centre I'm appliquéing, they were so interested to know about all the quilters around the globe making the same beautiful quilt as I was, they both said to me now I can go and have my Chemo thinking of some thing beautiful. One of the ladies was only about 30 and she kissed me as she left and said Thank you for been here today for me. Love Entwined helped her not me.
    For all the magic this quilt inspires I hope that one day it will be able to be exhibited in a museum like the Victoria and Albert museum in London. Thank you for keeping this quilt safe for future generations.
    Kind regards Glenda Hepburn Australia.

  55. A remarkable piece if history being found naturally sparks a fierce desire to see the artifact. I compare the coverlet to an archeological find inspiring awe and a thirst for knowledge. Please exhibit or allow limited access to Esther.

    Patti in Texas

  56. There is no substitute for seeing such a fine quilt in person. I would hope that someday the owners would consent to the quilt being displayed.

  57. A remarkable piece if history being found naturally sparks a fierce desire to see the artifact. I compare the coverlet to an archeological find inspiring awe and a thirst for knowledge. Please exhibit or allow limited access to Esther.

    Patti in Texas

  58. All my thoughts about quilting lately is that quilt.
    It is the first thing i think about it when i awake and the last thing when i go to sleep.
    It will be wonderful that the quilt will be in a exibition,tot honour the woman who maked this, but it would also be great when i see a colored photo.
    Ank van der Steen

  59. We learn and marvel from the talents of those who stitch before us. This is such a wonderful piece of workmanship it is my hope that one day we will be able to see what the original looked like. Please consider it.

  60. Dear owner of the quilt, I don't need to tell you what special quilt you own, because your treat it as a treasure. You will know. And a treasure it is, this quilt has so much magic it keeps hundreds of people occupied all over the world and they all say I fell in love with it. If that is no magic I don't know. That is why I ask you to please allow us to see the real colours of the quilt by showing it in a photo or at an exposition.
    With kind regards Klara Meijer the Netherlands

  61. To the Owner of the Marriage Coverlet:

    As you can see from the many, many comments, we are a united group of admirers and lovers of a quilt that has been brought to life by a wonderful artist, Esther Aliu, using only a black and white photograph in a Patchwork book.

    This quilt has fascinated me from the moment I discovered it through Ms. Aliu's blog and most captivating is the historical significance knowing of the existence of a quilt from 1790 is still intact today. To know that over 4000 quilters are making this fine marriage coverlet should tell you there is love and respect for this quilt, for its maker, and for its current owners.

    I respectfully request that you consider photographing your beloved quilt for those of us who dream to know the colors, the stitches, the fabric, the perseverance and the love the quilt maker brought together to create this work of art. Please recognize that the quilt is a work of art waiting to be shared with the world.

    I congratulate you for preserving a part of history and culture that for many other women and men quilt makers has been lost to the ages.

    Thank you for considering to share your gift to all of us.

    Houston, TX USA

  62. This quilt is a part of quilt history and as it is it would be lovely of you to allow a person from the textile world of professionals to take a photo of the quilt. There are so many of us quilters world wide making our "replicas" of this quilt it would be wonderful to see a color photo of the quilt. We would never bother you again :) All that we have ever seen is the black and white photo that Esther made her pattern from and we are using our imaginations since then to create our quilts. Thank you from quilters world wide.

  63. It would be a shame not to be able to see this glorious quilt, and to honor the history of it's existence. This is a rare chance to view the work of a magnificent needlewoman. Please consider the requests of so many quilters?

  64. Dear Owner of the Marrage Coverlet,

    I have read all the messages so far and can honestly say that my thoughts on this beautiful piece of workmanship has been covered by others.

    I live in the USA and will most likely not be able to attend any exhibition of this fine piece but would love to read about being shown. Of course it follows that I would very much be interested in professional photographs of it. I respect your privacy.

    Please allow some viewing or at the least some professional photographs of your treasure. There are thousands of quilters that this piece has touched all channeled through Esther. Surely some solution will present itself to allow sharing it with quilters of the world.


    Donna in the USA

  65. To the owner of the quilt,

    Wouldn't it be nice and wonderful to see this quilt with all its replica's together on an exhibition? Every piece and every stitch on a quilt has a story, love and passion. to keep you warm and what else you wish.
    A lot of women loves the design of the quilt and worldwide people are busy with the pattern, thinking of the person who made the quilt and how to make their own. Sometimes with a personal change and touch.
    With this action, started with Esther Aliu, a piece of history is made.
    Quilters say: Quilting is Sharing and that is what your quilt is doing at this moment. Bringing people together from all over the world. That is really special!


  66. Yes, I am appealing to you as the owner of this Marriage Quilt. Please exhibit this quilt for all of us to view...the design, the colors, the work that went into it. I am positive we will all enjoy seeing it.

  67. There's really nothing I can say that others haven't already expressed except to add my voice to theirs with my wholehearted agreement. You have a true treasure and it would be most generous of you to share it just a tiny bit with photos and/or a public exhibition. I do hope you will consider it!!!

  68. It was with great joy that we learned that this wonderful quilt still exists. It would be even more joyous to see a color picture of this work of love or to be able to see it at an exhibition. Your anonymity will be respected and your generosity to share this would be remembered.
    Annette, USA

  69. Dear Quilt Owner - Thank you so much for the love and care you have given this quilt! You have been charged with a very special task. I can't imagine the responsibility you must feel for its protection and care! If the quilt is displayed, we know you will make sure it is done with the utmost care and safety. It seems that its reason for existing is to be shared. Quilters draw inspiration from quilts like this. I hope at least a set of better photos might be available to those of us who which to create our own version. We gain so much in recreating someone's work of love and beauty.
    Thanks so much for being a caring caretaker of this significant piece of work.

  70. I am so glad that this quilt has been found and is treasured. While I would love to see the quilt in person one day, I understand and respect your desire for privacy. Perhaps you would consider releasing some photographs to Esther that she could share with us? I too am making a version of this quilt and would love to find out more about the original maker and the fabrics used. Elaine, Middlesex, UK

  71. Working on this amazing quilt, a true piece of art, I can only express a deep wish to see it's original. I'm very curious to know more about the quilt and it's maker. On top of this, it would be the cherry on the cake for Esther, since she has made the enourmous effort of recreating this quilt.

  72. Dear Owner, bless your heart for confirming the fact that the quilt still exists today. It would be such a loss for the world to never again see this beautiful work of art. You could still remain anonymous by sharing color photos with Esther and our group. And if something should happen to the quilt, it's beauty would be saved for all the world to see. Please see it in your heart to help us respect and pay homage to this wonderful piece of family history.
    God bless you.

  73. Dear Owner of the Marriage Coverlet,
    You must have fallen in love with this quilt at first sight, it must have been a rare moment in your life being able to get this quilt in your possession. Esther Aliu fell in love with it 12 year ago, seeing only a black and white picture, she dreaming of it since and she tried to find out all about it, after years not finding anything, she tried to make her own version of it. She's a giving person and she shares what she designs, 4000 quilters all around the world are following her in this great adventure. And they looked and searched with her to find this quilt, hoping it still existed, and now it is found, but in your private collection. What a great discovery! I don't know what the condition of the quilt is, maybe the fabric is worn and it is to delicate to move around a lot, but please, grant us pictures in colour and some detailed photographs, it would mean the world to us.
    Thanks for guarding een keeping the quilt save for the future, it is a hairloom of love.
    With kind regards,
    Pauline - The Netherlands

  74. It must feel very strange to have people you have met before and will most likely never meet in the future make a request concerning an item in your possession. I know we are all grateful that you are preserving this masterpiece. We'll never know how many items of fine needlework are left to rot in attics or thrown out with the trash. The chance for people to be able to see and appreciate this coverlet in person or through photographs is exciting.
    I hope that you will offer the opportunity so that its beauty can be enjoyed by many more people.

  75. Dear coverlet owner,
    I am asking you Please exhibit this quilt for all of us, please make quilters all over the world happy .Thank you for reading my request.
    Sincerely, Ria Termote, Belgium

  76. Showing this quilt to the world would be such an honor to the quiltmaker! This spectacular quilt is an inspiration to those of us who love and cherish exquisite quilts. The audience waiting to see this quilt includes quilters, artists and historians.

    Thank you for preserving this masterpiece and I hope it will be possible for you to share it with the world.

  77. Hello... those of us who have been interested in recreating this quilt are so joyous that it has been found. We appreciate that you admired this quilt and purchased it for safe keeping for future generations. Now, we would be overjoyed if you would be so kind as to share color photos for everyone to admire the work of this fine craftsman. Thank you!

  78. Dear Owner of Fine Marriage Coverlet,
    Esther has been on such an extraordinary journey to find this quilt, it would be quite lovely if all her efforts were rewarded by being able to see a current (that is, in color) photo of your marvelous quilt. I perfectly understand your desire for privacy, but please allow Esther (and us!) a quick look at this amazing quilt. If you read even a portion of these comments, you will see how your coverlet has created a worldwide community enthralled with keeping it alive. And thank you so much for treasuring the coverlet enough to keep it safe all these years! Best wishes, Robin in New Mexico

  79. Yes, ditto to all that has already been said. A good quality colour photograph (perhaps with some close ups to see stitching??) would be divine.....Big sigh.
    Kirsten :))
    Sydney, Australia

  80. To the Owner of this wonderful quilt. I hope you can share your treasure with us. I understand your wish to stay anonymous. But as you can see we all think you have a fantastic quilt. If you don't want to show it; please have it professionally photographed with some details showing. I have so many questions about the colors, quilting, fabric, back, and so on. I would love to know more like everyone else.
    Thanks for your attention. Enjoy your gorgeous quilt!

  81. Owners,
    You must be so surprised at the amount of interest in your Marriage Coverlet. Esther has spent untold hours in an effort to design an adapted coverlet in homage to the one in your possession. It would be so generous of you to display the original in order to be professionally photographed for this and future generations to enjoy and study. You must be so proud to own such a gem and I am sure your anonymity would be respected.
    Thank you so much for your consideration.

    Jennifer from Austin, TX USA

  82. This quilt is a treasure that has brought 1000's of people together from many countries together for the sole purpose of discussing and making a Love Entwined quilt of our own. Even knowing that it still exists makes me so happy. To have images of the quilts would be wonderful, to have it on exhitbit would be extraordinary. There are only a few quilts that spike this much excitement and they have been found in museums where they are protected and shared. I understand this coverlet is privately owned, but please share it for a certain amount of time so that many can plan and come to see it. Oh what a wonderous thing that would be.

  83. Dear owner of a wonderful quilt!

    It's like a dream that happens in the community of quilters in the world! Are you a quilter! So you can understand the enthusiasm of all those ladies who would like to see the quilt that reproduce better in black and white! Thank Esther everyday happiness she gave us and I try to work the best for her to be happy with the result! She worked many hours to redesign the cover of Marriage! Please, just a few color photos!
      It is a real pleasure to know that this quilt sewn in 1790 continues his life in a cottage in England!
    Mamifleur, quilter in a little island on the west coast in France!

  84. This quilt is such a treasure! And to find it after so many years it is also a miracle. Please allow new color photographs to be taken of this quilt. Thousands of quilters worldwide would be so grateful to have this quilt documented for history.

  85. What a wonderful blessing and tremendous responsibility you must feel as the owners of this beautiful piece of history. What a wonderful blessing it would be for those of us who have fallen in love with this beautiful coverlet if you would allow us the privilege of viewing it.
    Winfall, North Carolina, USA

  86. Dear Marriage Coverlet Owner,
    I, as many others, have followed Esther on her journey to recreate the amazing treasure you have come to own. How special that you are able to preserve such a fantastic piece of women's history! So little is known from this time period, any history we discover is like honey to a bear. I plan to savor my journey to make my own version of this incredible piece of art, and hope that you can see it in your heart to consider having a professional textile photographer take detailed shots - if nothing other than to safe keep for history!
    I can only imagine the thoughts that rush through your must think us all mad, but my hope is that your love for your treasure will allow it to be admired by so many others around the world.
    I for one, would travel to the UK with advanced notice of an exhibition, to see such a treasure, that has inspired so many, would be amazing. The interest in your coverlet has reignited my long time desire to study textile restoration and quilt history...I hope to do so in upcoming years.
    Thank you for preserving this amazing textile, for coming forward (privately) to acknowledge its existence, and hopefully for finding a solution in your heart to setting so many other hearts at ease.
    Kathy O in Atlanta, GA, USA

  87. Dear Coverlet Owner,
    How fortunate you are to be the owner of such a fine piece of art. How kind and giving it would be if you could share with we quilters a bit of history and images of the coverlet. I know that the creator of this fine example of our craft would be quite pleased to know the interest and excitement her project has ignited in her fellow quilters from across the world. Thank you.
    Chris W. Michigan USA

  88. Dear owner of the Marriage Coverlet,

    I too was smitten with this coverlet from the moment that I saw it, and will be eternally grateful to Esther for allowing me to be a part of this group. As my fellow group members have stated, we respect your privacy, but we yearn for a glimpse of this beautiful coverlet. If you do not wish to have it displayed at this time, please allow Esther to view it on our behalf, and perhaps have a photo taken. Thank you in advance.
    Karen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  89. This beautiful coverlet is cherished and adored by all quilters who've seen it. It could be such an inspiration and a great teaching tool for all of the many quilters young and old who are spread around this world if you would share it with us all to view it in color.Quilters are a very kind-hearted and sentimental bunch and I can assure you it would be treated with the love and utmost respect it deserves.-Myra

  90. With great respect, I request the honor of being able to see this quilt. Such important, historic exquisite beauty should be shared with the world of those who appreciate is special and unique qualities as well as deserve the lessons to be learned from it.

    Thank you.

  91. Dear owner of the marriage coverlet quilt we all know as Love Entwined,

    First of all I admire the beautiful coverlet, and its maker, that you own.

    It would be a great privilege If we would be able to see this wonderful quilt in real life. I sure hope you are willing to share its beauty with all of us quilters and maybe display it or release colour pictures of it.

    I live in the Netherlands but I am more than willing to spend my money on a trip to the UK to be able to see Love Entwined coverlet.

    Also, if you know details about its history of this coverlet, would you be so kind to share this?

    I sincerely hope so.

    In any case, I wish you good luck and hope that may enjoy Love Entwined coverlet for a long long time.

    Best wishes

    Wilma Malenstein

  92. Dear Owner,
    I too would love the opportunity to see the quilt and marvel in it's history. I would love to travel to the UK to see the quilt in person and hope you would share your treasure with us all.

  93. I would love to know more about the history behind this quilt, and see color photo's along with close up's of the quilting. Please do share with the world, this wonderful piece of art. Thank You.

  94. Dear Guardians, I give thanks that you have it and are looking after it for the maker of a National Treasure. You can tell whoever she was put a lot of time and effort in putting it together. I marvel at her workmanship to create such a coverlet with all those tiny pieces.

    We are thrilled that Esther took the time and talent to recreate a pattern to share this work with us quilters from a photo. That photo in Averil Colby's book shows how a picture does say thousands of words. Please consider sharing further a color photo of this work so that we can admire it further.

  95. Dear owner,

    This marriage coverlet is so beautiful in the black and white photo that it must be absolutely exquisite in color. Quilters all over the world have embraced the only image we have seen of it and would so love to be able to see what it looks like either in photos or on exhibit. We all respect your privacy and encourage you to protect that while allowing us at least a peek at this historic textile.

    Patricia Cook, Houston, Texas

  96. I can understand why you and your family wish to remain anonymous and respect your wishes, but please allow this quilt at least to be photographed in color with details up close.
    Many are making versions of this design which will also become family heirlooms . The lady who originally made the coverlet was so skilled and it would be wonderful to see the colors and materials she used.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Leslie, Florida, USA

  97. I'm so thrilled that the quilt has survived and been found...of course would like to see a picture of this wonderful quilt and know more about the original quiltmaker. I'm sure the 'quilt' has a great story to tell!

  98. It would be such a wonderful thing if this gorgeous coverlet could be exhibited for a short time. For the world to view, we have grown to love it so much through Esther's efforts to locate it and all the work that she has put in to re creating it for us to make our version of it. The history alone is so heartwarming.

  99. Dear Owner of the quilt:
    So many quilters and those of us who study historic textiles would truly be honored to see your quilt. The one black and white photo gives us only a hint of its beauty. We know that it is fragile and requires great care in its storage to keep it safe. We appeal to you to allow its showing, examination and photograph of it by those who most appreciate such a treasure.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Most humbly and sincerely,
    Melissa Brown
    Bristol, CT USA

  100. I would like to add my plea to the others for a chance to admire the true colours and artistry of the fine quilt. A series of photos would be a great gift to quilters around the world!

    Thank you for your consideration.



  101. As has been said many times before me, we are all so pleased that the original quilt has been located.

    The interest in ths quilt since Esther announced her pattern has been phenomenal. I join with the others in hoping to see photos. Seeing it in person would, of course, be better but a traveling exhibit to the US is probably more than I can hope for.

    There ought to be some way to share without compromising you identity as the owner.

  102. Even if the current owners don't want to exhibit the quilt, I hope they at least post some photos of it. There are so many of us who sincerely want to see this beautiful piece.

  103. Dear Owner of our beloved Love Entwined Quilt.
    Many women before me have already explained to you how glad we are that the quilt that we all so admire has been found.
    Thousands of women have downloaded parts of the pattern already and are working and dreaming about finishing it, sharing photographs and applique experiences, all under the guidance of Esther Aliu
    So we would be truly grateful if you would enable us to see photographs of this century-old coverlet.
    We are alle looking forward to it and would be so happy!'
    Thank you in advance and all the best from the Netherlands.
    Kind regards, Annette

  104. I hope someday this beautiful quilt can be shared with the whole world. This coverlet has captured the imagination of hundreds around the world and it would be wonderful if the actual quilt could be documented in full color!

  105. Dear owner of the beautiful coverlet "Love Entwined"
    What can I say after what all the other quilters have already told you
    Maybe one thing, every night I dream of an exhibition of all our Love Entwined quilts hanging around your Marriage coverlet
    Can you see it?
    Is it not a beautiful dream?

    Groet Ineke Marijnissen-van der Molen Soesterberg Nederland

  106. To the owner of this magnificent work of art: I sincerely hope you will allow this quilt to be displayed publicly, at least for two or three months. Thanks to Ester making us aware of this treasure, quilters all over the world want to see it in person if possible. If not, current, professionally done, color photographs - including close-ups - would be very helpful. So few examples of quilts and coverlets from the 1700's are still in existence for us to study. I beg you to allow this to happen.

  107. We were so happy to learn that the 1790's coverlet still exists, and that you are the owner of this historical treasure. For years we have admired the quilt from a small black and white photo in a book printed in the 1950's. We would be so thankful if you could provide us with a color photo to enable us to decipher with more accuracy this wonderful historical masterpiece. Thanking you in advance,
    Margaret, from New England (Connecticut)

  108. Thank you for acknowledging your ownership of the Love Entwined Marriage Coverlet.
    This amazing coverlet has created a common bond among appliqué lovers and art lovers worldwide. It is such a beautiful, challenging work, that we have been drawn to re-create it. It has touched the lives of so many that even those who don't understand the creative process of appliqué are drawn to this work.
    We would very much appreciation your consideration to make this lovely work available, in some way, for all to see and enjoy.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Kindest regards,
    JoNell, San Diego, CA

  109. There is so much we can learn from the past to make the future a better place. Celebrating the accomplishments of one very talented lady and never forgetting what it was like for women who came before us is part of the journey everyone that is attempting to make this coverlet is taking. Please help us to move forward in the wonderful task.
    Lisa Mortell
    Lynnwood Washington USA

  110. This is so awesome!! I hope one day we may see a colorpicture of the quilt!!!

  111. It would be a wonderful gift to see current color photographs of this amazing coverlet. I am amazed that the quilt has been found and would love to hear more about it.

  112. Dear Coverlet Owner,
    It would be a joy to see the quilt that has brought so many quilters from all over the world together. So I ask you please help complete this adventure for us with some pictures or an exhibit if that is possible.
    Thank you,
    Linda Sun City, AZ

  113. Dear Owner, I am so glad that this fabulously wonderful quilt is still in the hands of someone who must love it. When I first laid eyes on the black and white picture of this quilt my heart went pitter patter. I instantly fell in love with this coverlet. I could gaze at this lovely quilt for days and never tire of it. How wonderful that this treasure is still alive and well. It is a true work of art, but no only is it art but a testament to the wonderful hands that first dreamed of this coverlet and then put those dreams into an actual coverlet. Pouring out her love and creative talents to make something beautiful for her home. I am in awe of her workmanship and ability to make such a stunning and wonderful coverlet during the times that she lived in. All by hand and with much love. I for one would be so appreciative if you would consider allowing new color photos to be made of the coverlet so we could see the coverlet in all its glory. I live in the United States in a small southern town in Alabama. We have many beautiful examples of coverlets and quilts, but none that even comes close to the beauty of this one. I am so happy that you have taken it upon yourself to love and treasure this wonderful creation of love. Thank you for being a keeper of someones love and creative process. Thank you for honoring a past sister of the arts with your kindness in taking care of her beloved coverlet. I can only hope that sometime in the future that you would allow this great treasure to be seen once again. If not a public showing then by photos taken of this stunning and lovingly made coverlet. I do thank you for your time and consideration of showing this coverlet to those who are inspired to make their own coverlet. I have gathered fabric for my interpretation of this lovely coverlet and home I can in some small way do justice to the original. Thank you for time to read this small plea to see the coverlet from the sea of responses I am sure you will receive.
    Wendy, Alabama, USA

  114. Dear owner of this beautiful quilt,

    I do hope you want to share this quilt and exhibit it in some way, or let someone make photo's of it.

  115. It would be wonderful to see a picture of the actual quilt and to have its history to keep with the version we are working on. This is definitely a piece of history whose story needs to be shared. It is an honor and a privilege to be able to work on a version of such a wonderful work of art and what a wonderful way to pay homage to its original creator.

    Thank you in advance and in anticipation of, hopefully, being allowed to view the actual quilt.

    Terri Drake in Palm Bay, Florida

  116. Dear Coverlet owner,
    I too have been smitten by this coverlet. When Ester first showed her work on this coverlet I set out to make my interpretation of this quilt. Since it had only been seen in black and white it would be wonderful to see it photographed in full color. It is amazing that this coverlet has survived for more than 200 years and it would be wonderful for the quilting world for you to submit historical pictures of this quilt. Thank you for your consideration to have it photographed in color. Joann S. in Oregon, USA

  117. Hi!
    I hope you will consider letting this quilt be seen and documented. So many people are interested in seeing it and knowing it is safe and loved. Isn't that awesome for any artifact to engender that much devotion? We each have to wonder what will happen to cherished possessions when we are no longer around. This coverlet has a devoted following to love and preserve it. I only wish I had the talent to produce something that made so many people so devoted and inspired! Thanks for reading and considering a public showing. It certainly would be a memorable experience! Wishing you all the best,
    Kathy Pennell Illinois, USA

  118. What inspiration it would be to see a picture of your quilt. I sincerely hope you share this wonderful gift you have!

  119. Dear Quilt Owner,

    It would be a joy to see the quilt in whatever way you would choose to share with us.

    Thank you for loving and caring for it.

  120. To the owners of this wonderful quilt. Esther fell in lovee with your quilt from an old black and white photo and made a pattern up to remake it. Then she showed it to the quilting world and hundreds of quilters fell in love with it also. She has shared her gift with us and I hope you will be inclined to share your quilt with us also. Maybe you know the history and would share that story also. One thing is for sure your quilt will never be forgotten. I hope you will really consider our request. Hugs, Sandi in Alabama, USA

  121. Dear Quilt Owner, we all have such a love and respect for historical quilts. We would be honored to see your historical piece and would love to be proud of it with you as we seek to represent the maker's sense of beauty and workmanship.

  122. Dear Owner
    Please show us this beautiful historicus coverlet. We want to share this with us
    Greets Elly L (Amsterdam the Netherlands )

  123. What a joy it would be to see pictures of this historical quilt that has been protected and survived. I only wish you would invite Esther Aliu, friend to us, to see the quilt and then allow her to share with us her loving visit.
    June in Tampa, Florida

  124. Dear owner of the Lovely coverlet. it would be such nice idea of seeing this historic moment of quilted art in a museum or just on pictures. We -and we is a lot of quilting ladies all over the world who are trying to make a copy of it - would be so pleased to see "IT". Sometimes i think of the lady who made this quilt, how she collected her fabrics and picked her colors. What was she look like??
    If you are willing to share this coverlet with us, we would be very greatfull.
    Ingrid, the Netherlands.

  125. I tried to post awhile ago but it has not appeared, so I will try again. But forgive me if you have already read this.
    Several years ago I was lucky enough to see an exhibition at the Bowes Museum. There was a magnificent farmed Medallion Coverlet made by Martha Jackson c.1790-1795.
    I saw it again at the Tulli House Museum and used it as the inspiration for a wedding quilt for my son, but made it in modern fabrics.
    Esther has from a black and white photograph inspired a lot of quilters to make their interpretation of your Wedding Coverlet. How wonderful it would be to see it , or at least see a colour picture of it.
    It was be intriguing to see if any of the materials are the same in both the quilts as they were made about the same time.
    Thank you for reading all our comments , and understand that we respect your privacy, but it would mean so much to us to see the quilt.

    Sue, a Newfoundlander in Nottingham

  126. Dear Coverlet Owner,
    I hope to make a coverlet or quilt of my own in this style, and it would be a wonderful treat to see a color picture of the original coverlet.
    Thank you,
    Cindy from Seattle, Washington, USA

  127. I have followed Esther's journey with this quilt. I'm so glad it has been located. I am not surprised that it is with someone in the UK. And that they don't want to be known. It is such a treasure too valuable to be on exhibit. A Color Photo would be so nice with lots of closeups. Thanks! Your American quilting friends.

  128. It would be lovely to see the workmanship closely, as well as the colors for that era. Wouldn't it be fun to have one of our quilter/authors write a book about Love Entwined with the quilt as a focus.

  129. Dear owner of the beautiful " Love Entwined" coverlet,
    In the quilting world there is great love, love about quilting, love about sharing fabrics, love for dear quilting friends. And now there is a great love about this coverlet. A special lady went above and beyond to give a lot of other lady's the opportunity to recreat this quilt. That this quilt is cared for and looked after gives me so much joy! I hope you can find a way to let us (and there are a lot of us...) see this beautiful heirloom that we all treasure and took in our hearts.
    Saskia den Hartog
    The Netherlands

  130. Oh, please, please. Hear my quilt-y plea:
    To be able to see this wonderful piece of quilting history would be unbelievable! To see a piece of textile history from the late 1700's, intact and in all of it's hand-stitched glory would be amazing! Even if only to see it through pictures would leave a smile upon my soul. Thank you so much for keeping a true heirloom safe!
    Love from central Ohio, United States of America

  131. Dear Owner of this spectacular quilt,
    I would LOVE to see color pictures of the quilt. I am just beginning my journey to create my interpretation of this quilt. So it would be a dream come true to see photos of the original quilt. Thank you for considering our request
    Evelyn from Akron, Ohio, USA

  132. Dear Coverlet Owner. You are so fortunate to own a small piece of history...not just English history, but world quilting history. So few quilts still exist from the time that your coverlet was first made. How amazing it is that a piece (or aspect of the person who made it) of her life still exists and it is entrusted to you.

    Sharing the coverlet would not lessen, but increase its value to you and it would expand the history of quiltmaking. What a grand opportunity you have to bring another piece of history forward.

    May you be blessed in your life and in the decision(s) you make about your coverlet.

    Best wishes,
    Jeana Kimball
    Spring City, Utah

  133. Прекрасное одеяло!!

  134. Dear Owner

    It would be a dream come true to see this beautiful heirloom quilt in all his glory.

    Kind Regards, Ellen from the Netherlands

  135. Dear Coverlet owner~
    To have a 2 1/4 century old quilt in your possession is such a priviledge, but perhaps also a burden.
    Almost 4000 quilters have been inspired by Esther Aliu to re-create this amazing quiilt. For myself I am absolutely enthralled and dedicated and I am only working on the centre medalion so far!
    To be able to see a photo of the quilt would be a dream come true~ some history or circumstances of ownership even more thrilling.
    The colours, fabric used, stitching methods might then be revealed and add to our knowledge of quilt history. Textiles of this era are so few.
    We hope our messages will appeal to your generosity in sharing.

    Zoe in Canada

  136. To the Carer
    What an honour have this beautiful quilt in your care. It would be incredible if Love Entwined could be photograph and documented for those around the world to see and share in the skill and patience of the original creator. If these images were shared on the internet that would marvellous.
    Jeannette from New Zealand

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  138. Dear Owner of a very special quilt, loved by more than 1000 quilters all over the world. Isn't that incredible? Isn't that something to be very proud of?
    We all love to see the quilt in full color, that would be a wish come true and a big gift for Esther!
    Kind regards,
    Carin W. ( Netherlands)

  139. Esther,
    I am happy to see the quilt was found and I would love to see a photo of the Marriage Coverlet,
    Thank you for all you have done and shared with us.
    Carol in Delaware USA

  140. Dear Quilt Owner,
    How exciting to own this wonderful quilt that thousands of quilters are in love with.we would all love to see some photographs of the quilt and learn more about its history.
    Thank you so much
    Janet Beyea in USA

  141. Hello!
    What an adventure this coverlet/quilt has ben on since the 1700's! You have a piece of real quilting history! So many hands it has passed through! So many stories it has to tell!
    What joy it is to realize how much emotional value this quilt means to so many quilters around the world! This is something that really brings people together on an international level. Doesn't matter who you are, where you're from, background or lifestyle. Quilting crosses boundries and generations!
    Maybe it's time to let this quilt "speak" to others at it has done so in the past. You are part of this quilts journey. It's you who could make the quilting world connect!
    Share in the the joy! Share the love that all these caring quilters have for something so beautiful!
    Thanks for your time,
    The Netherlands

  142. Imagine so many years ago, a quilter stitch by stitch sewed this quilt together. Perhaps She sat by a candle, and stitched , maybe on a spring day under the light of the sun? She gathered scraps of fabric from clothes, from friends, perhaps she bought precious scraps for her quilt with her pin money, did she get to share her quilt with others during a quilting bee? Imagine the awe she would have knowing her labor of love will unite modern day quilters together to appreciate her stitches and love for a beautiful quilt.

  143. Dear quilt owner,
    What a special blessing to own such an inspiring quilt! Thank you for sharing it in whatever way you are comfortable. It has captured our hearts and we are thrilled to create a treasure based on it.

  144. Dear Quilt-owner,
    When I read all the comments before...I could only say please be so kind and give us the opportunity to see your beautiful can you resist our pleas....
    greetings from Marianne
    (the Netherlands)

  145. This is such a beautiful quilt and it is so exciting that people from all over the world are recreating this quilt in their own ways. I do hope you will consider allowing the quilt to be professionally exhibited or at the least, perhaps release some color photos and any of the history of the quilt that you may know. Thank you in advance. Diana Pearson

  146. I too would love the opportunity to see this heirloom quilt. What a wonderful way to pay homage to the quilt maker herself.

  147. This quilt is so special to anyone who is making it through Esther's blog. It would be a wonderful way for us to share in the original quiltmaker's journey. To see the quilting and the fabrics used by photography would lend in capturing this quilt's legacy for all others to see. thank you, Kristie Michalowski

  148. Dear Quilt Owner,
    As a 30+ year quilter, I realize how very important it is to keep these old quilts "alive." The only way to do that is to recreate them as time does tend to destroy them. This quilt is such a masterpiece that it would be a shame to not recreate it. It would help all of us so very much if a color photo could be taken for us to drool over. Please consider sharing this quilt with all of us who have been admiring it! Thank you in advance!

  149. I am making Esther Aliu's pattern in conjunction with my research (for our local Historical Society) into the early European migration into south-central Pennsylvania, USA. My research begins in the late 1700's when our region was first settled by Europeans. Actually seeing your quilt would be a "reality check" into what women were creating in Great Britain.

  150. To the owner of this beautiful quilt. I am not sure what it is about this quilt that has drawn so many people to it, but it definitely holds something special to have such a powerful effect on so many. I hope you will find it in your heart to share the quilt with others, at least in pictures, so that many can appreciate more the hard work that was involved in designing and making it.
    Debbie H. Keller, TX

  151. Dear owner, You own the "Mona Lisa"of quilts. We have seen a sketch of it and wish with all our hearts to see the real thing. We are all over the world. An exibit may be dangerous to the quilt so I respectfully abide by your wishes to not display it. Please let Esther see it. Please let a skilled photographer document the work, color , and design. This quilt is very old, and even with the most careful preservations, it may still some day dissapear into dust. Please let my granddaughters see it's glory in photographs so they will know the inspiration of their grandmothers work. I don't have any grandchildren yet. Thank you. Linda Landis Boston Massachusettes, United States of America

  152. Dear Owner
    I never thought the quilt was lost. I knew it was with someone who loved and cherished it. I too only had an old quilt book with a black and white quilt photo to study and dream about. I think it is two things a national treasure of Britain and an international treasure. NOt just for quilters. It captures and documents a time in history. I live is the USA and I traveled to England to see The V&A Exhibit of quilts and other small items. I should be saying coverlet when the V&A exhibit came around it did wonders in educating people, getting more people involved in hand work and a lot more. If you are willing to exhibit your precious item all I can say is that it would be a great gift like the coverlet a sacrifice of love. Please keep in mind if it does get displayed the owners can still remain unknown. Sharing this coverlet would be so wonderful. I can not tell you the amount of times I looked at that black and white photo and thought about the time, love, energy , commitment that went into creating a wonderful truly one off piece. At the same time I spent time myself looking at fabric pieces and quilts/coverlets from the time period trying to get an idea in my head what the colors must be like in it. It is one that I have dreamed about, since the book with the black and white photo is not new that gives you an idea how long some of us have been wondering, pondering or thinking about this item of history.

  153. Quilts like this come along in our life time only if we're very blessed. We hope that you will share this beautiful work of art with quilters all over the world.
    Bertha Maxine
    Texas, USA

  154. Having begun my process of making your re-creation of this most beautiful quilt it would be fantastic to be able to see the original quilt. Just the historic value of such a quilt, it would be wonderful if it were to be shared with the world. Thank you for your hard work in re-creating it and just know there is no way one can ever than you enough for sharing with us all. Just a huge Thank you, Thank you from me amd many Hugs to go with it.... Sandy Colby-Bowman

  155. It is such exciting news that the original coverlet has been found. I am very hopeful that we will be able to see colour photos of the coverlet, or even better have an opportunity to view it in person
    Thanks so much!

  156. I am a Canadian quilter, now living in Russia, and I too an about to start making a quilt based on this wonderful coverlet. While I may never get to the UK to see it if it is displayed, I hope that you will allow it so that it can truly take it's place in quilt history. I would love to be able to see a colour photo of it.

    Kathi in Russia

  157. This comment has been removed by the author.

  158. It would be a joy and an honor to view this beautiful quilt in a public display. Because of its intricate design and the patience and skill it took to make it, it would be a wonder to us all. Thank you for your consideration. You are so blessed to own such a beautiful piece of art.
    Kristina in Ohio

  159. I would love to see this quilt exhibited as it is a part of history. Each and every quilt made has a story to tell of it's life. Thank you Esther for finding it and to the owner, you are in possession of an amazing and beautiful piece of work.

  160. As English is not my language I join the comments above Please show or tell us about The 1790 Mariage Coverlet.
    We will be extremely grateful.

    Riet Philippen,Maastricht,Netherlands

  161. Since you have possession of such a rare example of antique textiles, I am assuming you have a love and respect for the incredible piece of art you have. I would appeal to you that many of us have that same love and respect and would like to point out the many areas that would benefit from being able to study the coverlet.

    First, the actual fabrics themselves are rare examples of textiles available in the 18th century, since they are all older than the creation of the coverlet itself. The fabric composition, colors and patterns all have stories to tell about antique textiles.

    Second, the pattern. It is unique to its creator and has many comments to make about the trends of the time period and the amazing creativity of the designer.

    Third, the sheer size of the piece indicates (in my opinion) a person who had access to a variety of fabrics, some in large pieces. This is relatively rare for the time period and probably points to a person of higher social status.

    Fourth, what a story could be formulated about the designer and the recipient! Since it's described as a marriage coverlet, it makes us wonder if the bride made it for her groom - a romance? Or possibly an arranged marriage? Or it could have been made by a mother or grandmother, a doting aunt, cousin or sister to give to the newlyweds. If it was a gift, it was surely from a close family member, because no one would put that much time, expense and effort into something for a mere token gift.

    All these things combine to make your coverlet a historically significant piece that I would hope you'd be willing to share with others who have an appreciation for antique textiles. There are surely ways to preserve your anonymity if you so desire, but please give the rest of us an opportunity to see it, at least in photographs. Even its condition and level of deterioration of fabrics (usually caused by dyes) has information for us.

    Thank you for your consideration!

  162. I would dearly love to see a colour photo of this wonderful quilt. It is a historic gem.

  163. Dear owner,

    I have been following Esther's blog and am as curious as hundreds of others about the story of this quilt. Who was the maker? Who was the recipient? What are the fabrics and colors used? Esther has painstakenly designed her verison of this quilt based upon a black and white photo. To be able to actually see this quilt properly photographed and it's history documented would enable quilters around the world to share in it's beauty.
    helenmarie in TN, USA

  164. I'd love to see the original quilt that started us on this journey with Esther and friends!!

  165. Living in the Netherlands and also fallen deeply in love with this quilt you own, it would be so wonderful if we quilters were able to have a look at it (no touching, mind you). If you could lend it out to a museum for display like private collectors do with their precious van Gogh's or Rembrandt's, just for a few months in a year. We would be ever so greatfull. Please consider showing this quilt to the world.

  166. To the owner of THE quilt. I cannot believe that this quilt is still in existence after over 200 yrs. So many people have fallen in love with it, it has to hold magic in its threads to enchant so many people. I would love to see it in a color photograph. I doubt that I will ever get to see the real thing but one can hold the dream of it. Please consider at least a photograph?

  167. Dear Owner,
    Please consider sharing information and color photographs of your historic treasure. There is so much interest in this amazing Marriage Coverlet! Thank you for taking the time to read our comments.
    -Laura in Indiana, USA

  168. Dear Owner,

    You are so lucky to own such a treasure as this quilt. Please consider exhibiting it or allowing it to be photographed. Thank you.

  169. Dear coverlet owner,
    I am so pleased to know that this marvelous and historic treasure is owned and appreciated by you. While I respect your desire for privacy, I would join with all the others to urge you to allow color photos to be taken of your coverlet and shared with us. We would love to see the colors and stitching in this piece which has inspired 4000 quilters to begin a journey to reproduce it in their own styles.
    Joan in South Carolina, USA

  170. So many comments already made.

    I realise that you don't want to let it out of your hands.

    Photos that you have taken yourself would be wonderful, just to be able to see the quilt in detail.

    Heather Watts, Sydney, Australia

  171. To the owner of the historic 1790 marriage coverlet,
    What an honor it must be to know how wonderful and magical this coverlet is in your possession. In the past I have researched historic quilts and women who made these coverings. It was in this research I found that women making these coverlets were the few ways women could speak through the cloth to those she loved. “A quilt is not just a quilt but the window to the soul of its maker”. Each fabric chosen, each stitch made and each design placed into this coverlet have words that need to be spoken to those who have been smitten by this 1790 marriage coverlet. To be able to view this historic coverlet and discover the story behind the making of this 223 year old coverlet would inspire many who have been attracted to the magic of this time. It would be a wonderful honor to the legacy of this quilt to tell its story in a place of your choosing and still keep your privacy. Would you, could you allow this 1790 marriage coverlet to tell the story of its maker, tell the story of this marriage it was made for, tell the story of the original family that preserved the legacy of this wonderful story in cloth? The woman who made this coverlet would finally have her voice and no longer be silent.
    Thank you for your time and thank you for loving this quilt enough to own it and preserve it.
    Anita M. Smith
    Washington State, USA

  172. To the owner of the quilt.You certainly have a wonder piece of history in owning this quilt.It would be a pity not to share it with other people that love quilting and especially applique quilts.I can see why you are reluctant to share this quilt because of fear you would be inundated with quilters want to view this quilt.
    As a member of the Esther Aliu group that is making this quilt just to see some photos of it would be wonderful as living in Australia I wouldn't be able to travel to the UK to see it even if it was in a musenm.
    Please consider sharing some photos of the quilt with the quilting world.
    Berniece Sayer
    Qld Australia

  173. To the owner of the “1790 Marriage Coverlet”. This textile is a rare treasure, as I’m sure you are aware. Very few quilts of this age are in existence. If you would allow the coverlet to be photographed in detail, it would be a wonderful documentation of an important piece of British history. Perhaps someday you may consider exhibiting the coverlet, which would make thousands of interested quiltmakers ecstatically happy. Thank you for your consideration. Laurie Wellington

  174. I too would love to see a picture of this beautiful coverlet. I am enjoying making Esther's adaptation of the original but it would be beyond wonderful to see the colors used in this gorgeous piece of historical art.
    Kimberly in PA, USA

  175. I find it fascinating that this coverlet has survived for over 300 years. Apparently the only documentation of your treasure that is available to the general public is a black and white photograph taken over 50 years ago. A professional exhibition would bring joy to so many people. My enjoyment is increased many times when I share my own treasures with others. I hope you decide to share your treasure with the world.

  176. First of all, I was enormously pleased to find out that this quilt actually DID still exist - this is an extreme age for a textile and kudos to whoever is taking (has taken) such excellent care of it!

    IF the issue of color photos is one of money, I am sure we can take up a voluntary donation to offset any expenses involved!

    :) Linda

  177. First of all, I was enormously pleased to find out that this quilt actually DID still exist - this is an extreme age for a textile and kudos to whoever is taking (has taken) such excellent care of it!

    IF the issue of color photos is one of money, I am sure we can take up a voluntary donation to offset any expenses involved!

    :) Linda

  178. This quilt has inspired quilters around the world, many who admire and appreciate the workmanship required to make such a work of art. To be able to share this with those of us who can truly appreciate this quilt would be inspiring to me. I can understand wanting to stay anonymous and only hope you will understand quilters around the world have united to give honor to the original quilt.
    Brenda Kendrick
    Madison, Alabama, USA

  179. Dear Quilt Owener,

    What a wonderful piece of history, so much so we are all working on having our own bit of it, as we recreate it for our homes. It would be so nice to be able to see it. What a gift.

  180. Dearest Quilt owner.

    It is amazing that this beautiful quilt has seen so many centuries and is still intact. And so inspiring. As someone who does applique, I apprieciate the amount of work that went into this absolutely stunning quilt. I would love to see it in full color. It is so rare to find a quilt that is so old. Please consider sharing this beautiful treasure with the world. This is a rare opportunity for all to see/view this amazing piece of artwork. To have it photographed for the future. So many of these beautiful quilts are lost ot the mists of time. Please do not let this beautiful quilt be one of them. I live in Oregon and would be unable to travel to the UK to view this quilt if it was displayed ina museum. I would like you to know that this black and white photo has inspired thousands of quilters. Think what a color photo would/could do?

    Could you tell us the story behind this quilt?

    I want to thank you for taking such care to preserve this quilt.

    Most sincerely,

    Gabrielle from Oregon

  181. I wonder if the quilt maker felt this way as she gazed in her completed coverlet.

    A Treasure by Mildred Hatfield

    It's more than a coverlet
    More than a spread,
    This beautiful quilt That graces my bed.

    It’s laughter and sorrow,
    It’s pleasure and pain,
    It’s small bits and pieces Of sunshine and rain.
    It’s a bright panorama Of scraps of my life –
    It’s moments of glory,
    It’s moments of strife.
    It’s a story I cherish Of days that have been.
    It’s a door I can open To live them again.

    Yes, it’s more than a cover, This much-treasured quilt.
    It’s parts pieced together Of the life I have built.

  182. A black and white picture in a 55 year old book. How can that spark the interest of one person much less close to 4000 people? Why would an old quilt picture make anyone want to dream of replicating, drawing an interpretive pattern and promising to spend 18 months of their life sewing and sharing a pattern of said quilt? Is it the mystery, romantic imagination or just a bunch of women with time on their hands? No, it is respect for the artistic design skills and workmanship of an individual or group of individuals from over 220 years ago?
    I plan on making an intrepretation using some special fabrics I have saved from 4 events in my life. Maybe i will be successful enough with my skills for my family to want to save a quilt for 200 years.
    I am sure, as the owner, you know the wonderful treasure you hold. With so much media attention over the most trivial things today, I understand your reluctance to share. Hopefully, with respect to history and the skills of the coverlet's maker you can find it in your heart to share a color photo of this quilt.
    Ginabeth from Tennessee, USA

  183. Dear Coverlet owner,

    I will never be able to see this quilt in person, but I would dearly love to see it in all its colourful glory.
    Maybe just a few snaps of your gorgeous coverlet could be emailed to Ester and she could upload them to her blog for all the world to share.

    Thank you for your time.
    And thank you for preserving such a special quilt.

    All the best from Oz,

  184. Dear quilt owner, I can start by writing a really long post but I'm not going to. I truly believe the right decision will be made. My wish is to be able see a picture of the quilt. I've been following Esther's blog and seening everyone progress, I believe it would be an amazing treat seeing the real quilt and everyone's interpretation together. I'm rooting for you Esther :)

  185. I've never owned anything precious so I don't know what it feels like to possess such a desirable thing, but what I do know is that by sharing this quilt through images or a quilt show, you won't be losing anything.

    It will still be yours.

    Please let us see it. Please let someone big like the V&A document it and properly exhibit it.

    And please, don't wash it.

    Thank you for reading this,
    Rose Lewis, London

  186. Dear owner of the amazing coverlet. It is wonderful for us to know this magnificent historical piece of patchwork is in your safe hands. I have long admired this design in Averil Colby's book and it was such a thrill to know that someone as dedicated and meticulous as Esther has taken it on herself to design her version of the quilt and to share it with members of her group. It is thanks to people like yourself who buy historical items so they are not lost, that allows us to study crafts from the past. I am the editor of Australian Patchwork & Quilting magazine and I know how much historical quilts are valued by today's patchworkers, we have a popular feature in every issue where we showcase antique quilts and write about their history.
    It would be wonderful if you would allow your coverlet to be photographed in colour so its image can be permanently preserved.
    Kind Regards, Elaine from Sydney

  187. I am so excited this quilt has been found. I truly hope you will at least allow this quilt to be photographed. Close ups of the stitching and fabrics would be so helpful as well as a full shot showing the colors and effect of the quilt. Please consider sharing your treasure and its history with the rest of the world.

    Thank you reading,

    Diane Mayotte in Florida US

  188. To the owner of this Coverlet,

    I think by now you realize that your beautiful coverlet has been an object that has captured the hearts & imagination of some 4000 quilters world wide.

    We had initially thought that it may have been lost over the years since it appeared in the publication by Averil Colbert.

    The fact that it is still existing is something of a miracle, & a testament to you & those before you who have also been touched by the coverlet & been such faithful custodians for these many years since it was made.

    As much as I would like to see this coverlet, I am more concerned with it's future. Please consider passing on the custodial duties that you, & your predecessors have carried out, to a museum with a good textile department in the UK.

    As the years go by these historic textiles become weaker as they age & need special conditions for storage to preserve them for future generations.

    I would gladly forfeit may chance of actually seeing this coverlet, to know that it will be cared for with the same dedication as you & those before you have show.

    Dawn Fox Cooper, BC, Canada

  189. To the lucky owner of this magnificent quilt,
    I really hope you want to share this quilt and exhibit it in some way, or have someone photo it and release the photos for the world to share in its beauty. Thank you Helen Marasco Australia

  190. Dear coverlet owner,
    the first time I saw this quilt I have fallen in love with it. I am so proud to be a part of Esthers fantastic group. Now i am making my own version of this quilt.I am so exited the original quilt has been found. It would be wonderful to see a picture of it. Please share a photo with the rest of the world.
    Martina from Lower Saxony, Germany

  191. Dear Coverlet Owner,

    I, like thousand of others would LOVE to see your quilt. I realize how precious this article is to you and a dream to so many others. But, we're all hoping that you will share it's rare beauty with the masses. Please, please allow it to be properly displayed and/or photographed. Thank you ever so.
    Sylvia Steele Austin, Texas USA

  192. Dear Quilt Owner

    You have in your possession something of great historical importance to women all over the world (and probably a few men too).

    Take it to the V&A for the Textile experts to document and research it. After their 2010 they have revised their ideas as to the historical importance of British Quilts and Coverlets. They will talk to you about its social history and teach you how to conserve it for future generations.

    But it is not an old dead thing. Its beauty has captured the hearts of many of today's women, who revel in recreating the beauties of the past with today's fabrics and technology. Their passion for beauty has led to the creation of many books - such as "Dear Jane" - which have made modern icons of old quilts such as yours.

    This quilt has a past, you can work with Esther to give it a future such as its maker could never envisage.

    It has survived this far, and it would be a great shame if it could not emerge out of hiding and be celebrated. Please do contact the V&A, they can keep your privacy and still let the world see its heritage.

    Thank you for reading this

    Helen from Hobart
    Tasmania, Australia
    [last stop before Antarctica]

    who travelled to the UK in 2010 just to see the historic British quilts and coverlets.

  193. Dear owner,

    Please loan this quilt to the V&A for proper care, cleaning and restoration because a quilt this old is bound to need repairs and I know from Averil Colby's account that it was already repaired by 1958. That is the most important thing.

    Secondly it would be so nice to see this quilt and have the colours and prints and fabrics scrutinised by experts.

    And thirdly, you have the chance to share a beautiful artefact with the world, please take it. Life is short and we know nothing of the woman who made this coverlet, let us remember her.


    Janice Mochter, Kent.

  194. Dear Guardians of this divine coverlet,
    What a wonderful piece of history. A coverlet that is honoured and revered and loved through time. How the original maker would feel that after so much time her work of art is adored by so many to the point where they pass on that honour by making a version of their own. All Different because every maker places their own stamp on their work. To be able to see the original as it is now in colour whether it be in real life or a photo would be an honor and a priviledge. To have this masterpiece documented with its lifetimes' history would enable it to survive in the minds of many textile lovers and quilters for many years to come. A treasured piece of history for our children and grandchildren.
    Please play a part in sharing this wonderful piece of history.
    Most Sincerely
    Lynne Sanders
    South Australia

  195. I remember the "amazed" "wow" feeling I felt when the email went out saying the Love Entwined quilt had been found. To think it was still in someone's precious possessions, and not lost forever through hands who didn't know the wonderful value of what they had in this quilt. To be able to have a quilt historian and photographer get much more details to us all, would be the ultimate glory for this quilt held in care by yourself. I also live the opposite side of the world in a small country town in the corner of the south west of Western Australia. My husband and I have done much travel around the world, and seen some amazing works of art, this quilt in the textile field of art, is "up there" with them all. I know it's not possible to see this quilt in person, but photo's would be the next best thing.
    Susan, Manjimup WA

  196. I am so glad that you have been able to track down the coverlet. It is good to know it still exists. It is a true treasure; treasured by so many of us who have not even seen it. To be able to see it in more detail would be wonderful

    Dorothy in Walla

  197. Dear Coverlet Owner ~
    I can infer that someone who owns such a beautiful piece of historical art also values it more than just a woman's work. It would be such a privilege to be able to see it, even through photos as I am across the pond. I have studied antique quilts ever since I first came across them decades ago - they still call to me. I am joining the 4,000 others on this journey. It would be so generous of you if you would allow photos for those of us who long to study the quilt. Please consider this heartfelt plea.

  198. Dear owner of the coverlet,

    We are a community of stitchers who are making Esther Aliu's design inspired on the marriage coverlet you own.

    How wonderful would it be if we could see a picture of the Original quilt, to be inspired by its colours and patterns.

    I really hope you will take a few pictures for us, and allow for them to be shown in our group.

    Thank you in advance.
    Anne Marieke

  199. Dear coverlet owners,
    You could never have foreseen that your quilt has caused this kind of uproar within the quilt world nor did Mrs. Esther Aliu when she started drawing the pattern a long time ago! At this very moment your quilt plays the leading role in a fairy tale, called ‘Love Entwined’. It goes a bit like:
    “Once upon a time, there was this young girl with the beautiful name of Elisabeth. Her parents, 4 brothers, a sister and Elisabeth lived in the middle of Angleterre, which means ground of angels. As you can imagine, the mother of Elisabeth had to repair her children’s clothes over and over again. She wanted her children to look nice. Elisabeth, being the youngest of the six children, ended up with clothes nearly worn out by age though her mother always succeeded in making her beautiful things. Elisabeth loved watching her mother making her clothes and one day she asked her mother whether she was allowed to make a doll’s dress out of her old dresses she was grown out of. And she was! Can you imagine how happy she was! From that day on she practiced and learned all there is to know about the art of sewing and with a little help from her mother she grew into a very skillful seamstress and embroiderer. When Elisabeth married and had children of her own, she made each of her children a coverlet, as beautiful as possible. The coverlet she made for her only daughter was exceptionally beautiful. What the daughter of Elisabeth did with her coverlet is unknown, if she gave it to one of her children, if she sold it, it’s a kind of mystery! Up till one day! Someone saw the quilt, took a picture and used this picture in a book. From that time on, the story about this mysterious quilt is known. All is well, ends well ….. however….
    (to be continued)
    Dear owners, There is so much to fantasize about your quilt (forgive my English as I am Dutch)! As I understood, the quilt is quite fragile. Have you ever thought of contacting the Royal School of Needlework in Hampton Court about the best way to preserve her? Well, this is quite a impolite question as that is not my business! And I can so understand not to go public otherwise there is a chance that more than 4000 women knock on your door with the question ‘May I please see your quilt?’ A horrible thought! However, can you please make one exception for Mrs. Esther Aliu? The possibility to see your quilt in all her glory would really mean a happy ending to this fairy tale! Whatever you decide to do, please let it be a decision in favor of the maker of this quilt as she earned it! My skills to convince someone what to do, have luckily dried up. You are such an important link in the history of this quilt. Enough, I stop!
    Kindest (and a bit apologizing) regards, Auckje van der Leij (The Netherlands)


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