Friday 27 September 2013

The Beauty of Broderie Perse

Love Entwined has really inspired so many of you to try your hand at broderie perse and I am thrilled with how wonderful it's looking. With the release of Part 4 (the first vase and flower corner) I knew some originality would shine through and wow, I've been taken aback by how intensely you're all making Love Entwined your very own, which of course, it is.
I'm sure that the original coverlet maker was an extraordinary woman; a woman who created according to her own fashion, so its so nice to see that very same influence affecting so many of you.
When I designed the flowers for all 4 vases, I thought a lot about 'chintz style' and created the pattern so that using one style (the pattern) or using broderie perse or incorporating both was possible. I'm really delighted to see how beautiful the pattern looks worked up in applique and how good it looks when mixed in with broderie perse. Personally, I'm conflicted. I adore the pattern (obviously I'm somewhat biased!) and feel inclined to go with the flowers on the pattern.
On the other hand, I feel some broderie perse calling out to I might do a mix. I'll know for sure when I reach that stage and have decided that I will do what feels most authentic for me at that point; and this will also determine whether I applique my stems or embroider them as it appears the original is embroidered and thin.
What I know for sure is, the quilt calls for fussiness. It wants to be embellished and I am going to comply with it's wishes. There is plenty of room on the quilt for little embellishments and personalisation.
I couldn't help myself, I purchased a layercake of fabrics and have found some real beauties to use for fussy cutting and potentially broderie perse. That's the only extra I have purchased, otherwise I've been digging out fabrics from my stash to look for little pieces to use when it suits. When I look at the quilt top as a whole, I will place these little applique pieces wheresoever there is (what I refer to as) a fussy spot in need of some attention.

This rose fabric is an old fabric from my stash, I've had it for years
I knew it could come in handy at some point....
What about you?
Has Love Entwined had you looking over your fabrics for charming
prints to use in this precious heirloom?

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  1. Love your layer cake selection of fabrics especially the Moda and three sisters. The Rose fabric is gorgeous,I also like your idea of a mixture of original and broderie perse flowers. I can't wait to see your start. :-)

  2. Esther I just love the paint box fabric and can't wait to see how you use the beautiful flowers in your LE quilt. Happy Days! Karen

  3. Good morning from Holland, Esther.
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I really love your pattern!
    And I have also looked for flower-fabrics in my stash.. :)
    They are close at hand, now... But I really love the gorgeous flowers in your pattern.
    So the chintz-flowers stay close by, maybe in a later stage I will use them... ;)
    Enjoy making your Love Entwined!!
    It is SO MUCH FUN!
    Love, Ria.

  4. There is a quilter that I follow on Yahoo and facebook her name is Cynthia Collier she does the most amazing Broiderie Perse quilts with patterns that are applique. You may have bumped into her she also goes by history1870 (close to that) love her work if you have a chance to see her stuff.

  5. I have never tried Broiderie Perse and really never even gave it a thought. While some might like it I will most likely stick with what I know - needle turn. I will keep an open mind to it though and one can never tell. I will be using embroidery throughout though. Now if I can just get back into a good routine at home this weekend and maybe start part 4 -

  6. Love your layer cake! Beautiful fabrics. Have not yet made up my mind what to do, broderie Perse or just applique. It's such fun to mix those bP flowers but using them on LE, is another story. My applique is a bit bumpy and cluttered while bP is so flat and a so tidy. At this moment I tend to applique but I have not yet decided. Difficult, but I so much enjoy the ride! Thanks for taking so many along! Auckje

  7. I have just fallen in love with with this quilt. This will definitely become a family heirloom.

  8. I've always been drawn to floral fabrics with realistic flowers and feel that is one of the reasons I have begun LE. What is the name of the fabric in the second photo, Esther. It is stunning! And yes, I have begun to use Broderie Perse in LE.

  9. Lovely lovely fabrics, I see one piece there that Anne Marieke has used in her Broderie Perse all ready. Cheers Glenda

  10. Dear Esther,
    What beautiful fabrics you show, I have to admit that I really really like the broderie perse that all the girls did. I chose to stick with the applique flowers and planning on embelishing. You realy make me curious about your LE. I hope you can start soon.
    This is defenately the most fun project I have ever taken part in.
    Enjoying the challenges it gives me and most of all the sharing of comments and pictures from all the lovely ladies.
    Warm wishes
    Wilma Malenstein (Willempje)

  11. Esther, do you mind sharing the name of the floral print in the second picture you shared in this post? the flowers are beautiful and may be the perfect solution for a broderie perse project that I am getting ready to start on. Thank you!


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