Saturday 14 September 2013

Love Entwined: Part 4 is Launched

Finally, the flowers!

Have you been longing for this month as much as I have? When I was drafting this pattern I had to keep reminding myself that I wanted the flower vases to appear hand drawn and purposefully imperfect. And yet, they had to be both simple and exaggerated. This is an intense quilt with a lot of ideas in the design.

Now that we're 4 months in, we've all had a lot of time to think about the era and immerse ourselves on quilts from the period. This month, I am considering the relevance of broderie perse throughout the quilt. Broderie perse is definitely a suitable technique and feels so authentic for the pattern so if you're thinking about it, go ahead and see if it will work for you. My feeling is that it will depend on the fabric itself and whether or not the prints you have lend themselves, size and style wise. Having scrutinised the quilt, it's clear that there is a lot of what appears to be broderie perse as well as embroidery and stitches. Embroidering / stitching the vines and stems is definitely another option and this is what gives the original coverlet its 'lighter' look where the vase and flowers are concerned, so do give it some thought.

I have much more to say about using broderie perse with this pattern and I will be publishing a blog post about broderie perse next week to discuss this.

For me, the flowers really take me somewhere. I get lost in the romanticism of these four vases. They are flourishes which centre the quilt. You've done a lot of work to get this far, and now it's all getting visually exciting. Looking at the quilt as a design now, you can really see it taking shape. And appreciate how much thought and planning went into making it a reality over 223 years ago.
I wish I knew more, because the longer I spend with this quilt the more convinced I become that it belonged to a young woman. Of course that's just my opinion. I don't know anything for certain: we don't even know who made this quilt or why.
It will just have to remain a beautiful mystery. But there is a niggling voice that keeps telling me someone, somewhere must know something of the marriage this coverlet was made for. Somewhere forgotten in an old record book, in an archive, somewhere the details of our mystery woman sit, forgotten. Perhaps an old manor house was home to the quilt and somewhere, sepia stained photos have documented it's path in the lives of a family. But where? We can only guess.

If you've come this far on the LE journey, you appreciate the time, fabric, skill and resources required to embark on such a coverlet. What woman, in 1790 (or there abouts), had all these things? Did she make this quilt as a daughter...or as a wife? Questions, Questions...
This is what we are up to, quilt wise:

you'll notice I keep fiddling with the colours, that's because this is just a sketch of the quilt and I keep changing my mind! I haven't actually started my own yet, as I do I will be posting tutorials right here. So if you haven't started, there's still time. I know some of you just aren't ready and I'm not either, it's fine, we're all working at our own pace. And the patterns are still available for free in my Yahoo BOM Group so you're not too late.
If you are creating a tutorial on your own blog, don't forget to link your specific blog post (not general URL) over over in the Love Entwined Page at the top of this blog - its a linky resource for all quilters and another way for us to connect and share our LE journey.
Can't wait to see what you'll do this month,
although I already know you'll do amazing things!

I'm posting early this month as I don't like to launch BOMs on Sundays,
each Part is usually released on the 15th.
‘Love Entwined 1790 Marriage Coverlet’ is a Free 18 Month Historic BOM
Each ‘block’ of the month is released monthly, on the 15th of each month. All ‘blocks’ are available for free during the month of their release. Any missed ‘blocks’ may be purchased.
All ‘blocks’ are available for download via my Yahoo BOM Group only


  1. Dear Esther, it is so great to be a part of this all!
    What a beautiful vase!
    This quilt is a true Labour of Love!
    The quiltshop near me starts a bee in Octobre and asked me to be the host for the members. So, we can help eachother and give advice.
    It so great that you still have the patterns available. I know that many quilters just thought this quilt would be too difficult to try on alone. So maybe this helps them to start it as well!
    I also do hope that the history of Love Entwined will someday be found!!
    Love, from a rainy Netherlands,
    (perfect day to quilt...) :)

  2. Thank you veru much. It is a lovely part!!!

  3. Thank you so much Esther, I love the flowers. I can't wait to make them. but have to finish the other part first.... sigh!

  4. It really is beautiful isn't it - the vase and flowers add so much - I will have to wait to start part 4 though for a little while, traveling and left it at home! working mainly on hexies right now - nice for travel work

  5. These vases with flowers are such highlights in this wonderful quilt! Your fingers must be itching to start....;o)

  6. Still in awe of your pattern making and sharing skills - thank you Esther!
    I'm looking forward to getting to the corner vases too - but still working on Part 3 at the moment!

  7. Dear Esther just back from Brisbane and ready to start cutting out flowers with a big smile on my face, these vases of flowers are so so lovely, oh the joy of playing with fabric making flowers and looking at other quilters flower arrangements as well. It is such a wonderful experience working and sharing LE with such a HUGE quilting Bee!!!!! Cheers Glenda

  8. Esther this is just stunning! Oh how I wish I had started this quilt with you! Maybe I'll just do this block... So thankful for your dedication to this quilt... Hugs, Karen

  9. Ooo the vase with flowers I have already cut some flowers and it looks great!!!
    The flowers in this block are like the icing on the cake! yammie LOL!
    groetjes van Marijke.

    Thank you that you explaine where I can add a tutorial you had ask my to do it but I could not find it and now YES I put them there and found all of the other tips and trucs!

  10. Dear Ester, I have finally gathered my fabrics and begun this wonderful journey with you. but I am new to yahoo groups and find it hard to navigate. I cannot find the original files for the parts of the BOM.? All I see are comments....100's of them and not your files with directions. Am I looking in the wrong place? I tried messages and topics only. Thanks Susan

  11. Gday
    thanks for the encouragement - i really want to make this coverlet but i keep auditioning fabrics and reaching a wall - so i am going to just jump in and do the center and decide then if my colors will work..thanks for saying you haven't started as yet - i am seeing so may quilters that have just steamed ahead and its a bit intimidating
    and best regards


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